Campaigners Kit

In 2014, ICAN released this campaigners kit with the intention of providing campaigners with a toolbox exploring the different elements of international and national campaigning: from lobbying and research to media and social media activism. 

"Over the past few years, ICAN has grown exponentially and has become a stronger, broader, more professional campaign. We have achieved major results, and our successes have attracted more organizations willing to join our cause 

Other campaigns have paved the way and have strengthened the conviction that unacceptable weapons can and must be outlawed. Their successes have shown us what a coordinated coalition of organizations can achieve. This is the reason why we have asked successful campaigners and experts who have followed other processes to share the lessons they have learned with us.

This campaigners kit is a toolbox where we have explored different elements of international and national campaigning. We hope that their hands-on experience will be useful in your daily work."  

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