Campaigning Resources for the 75th Anniversary


The 75th Anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima (Aug 6) and Nagasaki (Aug 9) is a moment of remembrance, reflection and -- importantly -- action. Here are the materials that have been produced by ICAN and other partners which you may use for campaigning around the 75th Anniversary commemorations. Feel free to use these resources for your efforts in the run-up to August 6th and 9th, but please take note if you need to credit the author, photographer, etc., as indicated.

Dedicated action page for the 75th Anniversary

Visit the action page

This page features testimonies and stories from survivors, and include a call from survivors on people to take action. The “action” will be a commitment by people to honor the survivors by joining ICAN and supporting our campaign for the TPNW to enter into force.

People that join the commitment on will be getting a series of emails from us, providing them with educational material about the survivors, the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and the TPNW, some general actions to do, and directing them to the events page to find local events, and the list of partner organisations in their country.



Check out the ICAN-branded Exhibition for the 75th Anniversary, which you can use to hold an installation, for example in cooperation with your city council, local museum, or just with fellow campaigners and activists.

Mayors for Peace also has a poster exhibition available for cities to use to share the impact of nuclear weapons. Cities that are already part of the Mayors for Peace network can directly download the exhibition through this link, or ICAN partners can also apply their behalf. 



At our ICAN Events page you'll be able to find many of the events that are taking place from around the campaign in the run-up to and on August 6th and 9th. Please upload your own so that we can share it and show what's going on to commemorate the anniversary.


Letter from Setsuko to Heads of State / Government

Setsuko Thurlow has been tirelessly working on letters to all the heads of government / state encouraging them to honour the Hibakusha by joining the TPNW. These letters have now all been sent by mail. Let us know if you’d like to a copy of the letter sent to your country.


Template letters to Cities & Towns, Parliamentarians and Financial Institutions

In this folder you can download template letters that have been drafted to come from ICAN partners to send to cities, parliamentarians and financial institutions to motivate them to take action for the 75th anniversary. Adapt them where necessary and feel free to translate.


Media “Pitching" toolkit

The "Campaigners 75th Anniversary Pitching Toolkit” is a useful guide to increase your chances of getting localised media coverage around the 75th Anniversary. It contains background info, tips on the how, the when and the what, as well as a sample pitch.