#G7YouthVsNukes Toolkit

Social media campaign toolkit for the #G7YouthVSNukes Day of Action on 20 May 2023


From May 19 - 21 2023, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) will convene in Hiroshima for their annual summit. The G7YouthVsNukes members who were part of the ICAN Hiroshima Youth Summit believe that the convening of the G7 Summit in a city that has first-hand experience of a nuclear weapons detonation is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of these weapons and are calling for a global day of action on May 20th. This page contains some tools you can use to join them.  

The G7YouthVsNukes members are convinced that it is necessary for the G7 representatives to hear the testimonies of survivors and to be confronted directly with the inhumane suffering nuclear weapons have caused in Japan,

In light of the mostly weak media awareness of the real impact of nuclear weapons and to demonstrate that young people from all G7 countries are aware of the precious work of the Hibakusha they are leveraging social media to increase the expectation that leaders will seize the opportunity of visiting Hiroshima to make a strong statement towards the elimination of nuclear weapons.

By leveraging social media and where possible in-person activities as awareness raising and communication tools, they will work to make sure that the urgent need and plans for the abolition of nuclear weapons are a substantive part of the story that emerges from the summit. Will you join and stand in solidarity on the 20th of May?

Here is how you can join:

Post a picture of yourself with your banner calling for action on nuclear disarmament at the G7 Summit, or use our frame template, add the hashtag #G7YouthVsNukes and tag @Nuclearban and your head of state if it is safe to do so. And if you can, consider taking it at a meaningful location that shows where you are (e.g. iconic landmark, or outside your government building - again, if it is safe). 

Tweet! Share about this issue, how it intersects with what you care about or about the global action day on Twitter with the hashtag G7YouthVsNukes. Find some sample tweets you can share here.  

Share a video on Tiktok of yourself on why this issue matters to you or download one of our intersectional videos here and share that instead. And don’t forget to hashtag #G7YouthVsNukes and #NuclearDisarmamentTikTok.

Not on social media? 

If you don’t want to take to social media, you can also use the official contact forms for the G7 heads of states to let them feel your expectation to announce real action on nuclear disarmament in Hiroshima. Rather than copy-pasting a template text, it’s best if you write to them honestly (and politely) about why this is meaningful to you, and your country. You can keep it short and to the point, one short but clear paragraph is stronger than a 2 page letter. And if you want some inspiration for what to ask, watch the Youth Statement from the Hiroshima G7 Youth Summit, check out ICAN’s four demands to the G7 leaders or hear the stories of survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the hibakusha.

Country Leader  Contact 
USA Joe Biden White House Contact Form
France Emmanuel Macron Elysee contact form
UK Rishi Sunak Rishi Sunak Contact Form
Japan Fumio Kishida Prime Minister's Office of Japan contact form
Italy Giorgia Meloni Camera dei Deputati contact form for Giorgia Meloni
Germany Olaf Scholz Bundeskanzler contact form
Canada Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada contact form
EU Ursula von der Leyen European Commission contact form for Ursula von der Leyen


Have questions or need help?

If you have any questions or need any technical assistance accessing the resources to join the campaign, please free to email ICAN's social media officer Venessa at [email protected] or Gillian Flude, project officer at Mines Action Canada at [email protected]

Now that you know all about how to join, see you online!