Editable Social Media Graphics - Canva Templates

Want to use a graphic you’ve seen on ICAN’s social media accounts, but need to make a translation, or edit the text to reflect your country’s situation? Check out our Canva templates!

Key templates


Ratifications and signatures (square)

Entry into force:

Open Letter by 56 former world leaders

Global spending on nuclear weapons

ICANSave - ICAN cities appeal

Six things you need to know about Canva

What is Canva?  Canva is a powerful yet surprisingly easy-to-use graphic design platform that you can use to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more. And it has two giant perks for a coalition like ours: you can share templates, and it’s free (or at least, there are free plans you can use as an individual, and free pro plans for registered NGOs).  

How can I use one of the templates? You’ll need to be logged in to a Canva account (don’t have one, create one here) when you open the link. From there changing the text and/or background images is a pretty intuitive process if you’ve worked with any other online image editing tool. But Canva also has a bunch of great tutorials and there are entire Youtube channels to teach you some tips & tricks if you get stuck. 

How does ICAN use Canva?  When we updated our style guide in 2019, we also created a few graphic templates that incorporate our new look and feel for images we use regularly, e.g. for signatures and ratifications, charts, and quotes from high level people. We also create specific graphics for social media around key moments or publications - like our global spending report or the 50th ratification. These are materials we share on our social media and are open to reuse as is, or translate and adapt for your national situation.

Can I join ICAN’s Canva Team? Sadly we can only access a limited number of licenses for free as a non-profit, meaning that we can’t make direct access available for our partner organisations. But if you are a registered non-profit you *can* apply for a Canva Pro license of your own so you can share specific templates in your language or for your action with your own team, as well as access the templates we've shared. 

Can I use Canva to create my own templates and materials? Absolutely! Use this tool in the way that makes the most sense for you and your organisation. For ICAN materials, as an ICAN partner, you can use the ICAN Partner logo to indicate that your organisation is part of this coalition in any public-facing materials, even when ICAN as an organisation is not directly involved. For example: on your website, on business cards, on event posters. For more information on alignment, colours and usage, please check out our full style guide.  For other formats, or for the general ICAN logo, please get in touch.

And do remember to share the links with us when you create something cool! 

Is the graphic you’re looking for not listed above? Send us the link to the post where you saw the image you’re after, and we’ll try to get back to you with a template link if it exists. Please note that not all ICAN social media materials will have a Canva template because the tool does have its limits and we sometimes do need to use the more expensive Adobe - or combinations of the two to make it all work.