Webinar: Let's talk about Photos

ICAN is proud to offer campaigners two separate webinars on photography for actions and events, that can help you capture the awesome activities they have planned for entry-into-force day.

Webinar 1: what you need to know to take great shots

The first webinar covered the basics of what makes a good photo in a bunch of different settings from the basics of photo composition to tips and tricks for making good mobile photos, among other things, as presented by the Geneva-based photographer Aude Catimel. Aude is a street photographer who also works with companies for events and corporate photoshoots and even weddings, so she’s got a lot of experience in catching the human story in many different ways, and she is the photographer who took the photos ICAN used to celebrate the 50th ratification.

Watch the full webinar: 

Watch the Steve McCurry video on composition that Aude recommended in her presentation:


Download Aude's full presentation and recap


Webinar 2: Getting and sharing that iconic shot

In the second webinar, we dove deep into what it takes to get that one photo that tells the story of your action, no matter the size with Tom Lowe. Tom is the International Multimedia Editor at Greenpeace International, and is always working with campaigners and photographers around the world to make sure they prepare for, take and select the right photo and that it gets sent around to have maximum impact. Watch the full webinar: 


In this interactive session Tom broke down what makes a powerful action shot, and what you need to think of as the photographer - or the person commissioning the photo to increase your chances that your photos will truly capture that powerful message. Tom also took us through the different ways to give an action a global or unified feeling including how it connects visually with other events around the world, and selecting the people and location but also technical aspects of delivering material to a central point, formats for different social media (including video/IG stories), and more.

Please find Tom's presentation (and make sure to check out the notes) here