More investors rejecting nuclear weapons - Don’t Bank on the Bomb policies report

ICAN and PAX published the new report, “Moving Away from Mass Destruction” today, listing financial institutions actively restricting investments in the companies producing nuclear weapons

The report analyses the policies of these banks, pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers, and shows year-over-year growth in the number of investors avoiding the nuclear industry. 

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The steadily growing numbers of financial institutions listed, from 35 institutions when the analysis was first conducted in 2014, to the 109 listed today, provides a snapshot of the emerging norm within the financial sector to avoid companies contributing, and profiting from, existential risk. In addition to the increase in identified policies, the application of these policies is becoming more comprehensive, not only are investors avoiding the industry, they’re making sure that they’re not exposed in any way to the production of inhumane weapons.

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