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  • Divestment and Nuclear Weapons

    The imminent entry-into-force of the United Nations’ Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) allows for a unique opportunity to hit the nuclear weapons producers where it hurts – their wallets. Through public pressure, we can make financial institutions respond to a new climate in which these weapons of mass destruction are recognised to be incompatible with sustainable, responsible and smart investment practices and pull their investments from companies that make nuclear weapons.

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  • These are the 36 banks, pension funds and insurers taking a stand against nuclear weapons

    A newly released edition of the Don’t Bank on the Bomb Hall of Fame shows that the number of financial institutions adopting and strengthening their policies to prevent any financial involvement in nuclear weapon producing companies is growing rapidly. Together, the 36 institutions in the Hall of Fame are keeping at least EUR1600 billion in assets out of the nuclear weapons industry.

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  • Beyond the Bomb: Global Exclusion of Nuclear Weapons Producers

    More and more financial institutions are saying no to nuclear weapons. PAX's Don’t Bank on the Bomb report, Beyond the Bomb, profiles 77 banks, pension funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions with policies to not invest in nuclear weapons producers. This is an increase of 14 since the 2018 report.

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  • The Intercept: How to dismantle the absurd profitability of nuclear weapons

    Article: How to dismantle the absurd profitability of nuclear weapons

    Author: Jon Schwarz

    Featured in: The Intercept

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  • Deutsche Bank to stop banking on the bomb

    Big news from the financial sector: in an update to its investment policies, Germany’s Deutsche Bank excludes nuclear weapons producers.

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  • Is your bank ready for the ban?

    Eighteen banks are profiled in the Hall of Fame of the Don’t Bank on the Bomb, 2016 edition, strictly prohibiting any investment of any type in any kind of nuclear weapon producing company. Is your bank one of them?

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