Nuclear-weapon-free state

Did not participate in TPNW negotiations

Has not yet joined TPNW

Finland has not yet signed or ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It did not participate in the negotiation of the treaty at the United Nations in New York in 2017 and thus did not vote on its adoption.

A public opinion poll conducted by Kantar TNS Oy in November 2019 found that 84 per cent of Finns believe that their government should sign the treaty, with 8 per cent opposed to signing and 8 per cent undecided.

The foreign affairs committee of the Finnish parliament issued a statement in June 2018 recommending that the government of Finland “continue to analyse the contents of the treaty”.

Finland abstained from voting on a UN General Assembly resolution in 2019 that welcomed the adoption of the treaty and called upon “all states that have not yet done so to sign, ratify, accept, approve, or accede to the treaty at the earliest possible date”.

In 2016, Finland abstained from voting on the UN General Assembly resolution that established the formal mandate for states to commence the negotiations in 2017 on “a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”.

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Parliamentary Pledge

These are the elected officials that have taken the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge to support and promote the TPNW:

→Touko Aalto MP
→Outi Alanko-Kahiluoto MP
→Li Andersson MP
→Paavo Arhinmäki MP
→Maarit Feldt-Ranta MP
→Tarja Filatov MP
→Pekka Haavisto MP
→Hanna Halmeenpää MP
→Katja Hänninen MP
→Satu Hassi MP
→Eero Heinäluoma MP
→Susanna Huovinen MP
→Heli Järvinen MP
→Emma Kari MP
→Johanna Karimäki MP
→Jyrki Kasvi MP
→Krista Kiuru MP
→Anna Kontula MP
→Merja Kyllönen MP
→Krista Mikkonen MP
→Silvia Modig MP
→Markus Mustajärvi MP
→Jari Myllykoski MP
→Annika Lapintie MP
→Ville Niinistö MP
→Olli-Poika Parviainen MP
→Aino-Kaisa Pekonen MP
→Hanna Sarkkinen MP
→Matti Semi MP
→Jani Toivola MP
→Erkki Tuomioja MP
→Kari Uotila MP
→Antero Vartia MP
→Ozan Yanar MP

Finland European Parliament
→Heidi Hautala MEP

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