Nuclear-weapon-free state

Voted in favour of adopting TPNW

Has signed TPNW, but not yet ratified

Nepal has signed but not yet ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Krishna Bahadur Mahara, the then-minister for foreign affairs of Nepal, signed the treaty on 20 September 2017. The government announced in October 2019 that it “has initiated the necessary domestic procedures to ratify the treaty”.

Nepal participated in the negotiation of the treaty at the United Nations in New York in 2017 and voted in favour of its adoption.

In an address to the United Nations following the signing ceremony, the then-prime minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba, described his country’s signature of the treaty as “a step towards nuclear disarmament” and warned that “the vicious race for weapons of mass destruction continues to threaten the world”.

Nepal has promoted universal adherence to the treaty, including by co-sponsoring a UN General Assembly resolution in 2019 that calls upon all states to sign, ratify, or accede to the treaty “at the earliest possible date”.

In a statement to the United Nations in September 2019, the minister for foreign affairs of Nepal, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, called upon “all countries to sign and ratify [the treaty] for its early entry into force”.

In 2016, Nepal voted in favour of the UN General Assembly resolution that established the formal mandate for states to commence the negotiations in 2017 on “a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination”.

Prior to the adoption of the treaty in 2017, nuclear weapons were the only weapons of mass destruction not subject to a comprehensive, globally applicable treaty prohibition. Nepal supported calls in the UN General Assembly fill this “legal gap”.

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