U.S. universities are complicit in nuclear weapons production, new ICAN report reveals


Under the Trump administration, the United States is engaging in a renewed nuclear arms race, spending nearly $100,000 of taxpayer funds every minute to upgrade its nuclear weapons arsenal. ICAN released today a new report, titled “Schools of Mass Destruction: American Universities in the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex,” that details the ways in which roughly 50 American colleges and universities are supplying the scientific, technical and human capital necessary to maintain and expand U.S. weapons of mass destruction.

Contradicting their mission statements, universities have signed formal agreements worth millions or billions of dollars to manage or partner with nuclear weapons development and production sites. Some of these universities are household names: University of California, Texas A&M University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of New Mexico.

See the list of universities and details of their involvement

Recognizing the devastating humanitarian and environmental impact of nuclear weapons, U.S. states and cities have started to formally call on the federal government to stop backsliding on nuclear arms control and support the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It is time for universities to join these local governments and end their complicity in the production of weapons of mass destruction.

Check out the new project webpage for more details on what you can do and to download the full report.