Victim Assistance, Environmental Remediation and International Cooperation

The First Meeting of States Parties established an informal working group on victim assistance, environmental remediation, international cooperation and assistance (Articles 6 and 7 of the TPNW). Article 6 of the TPNW requires states parties to provide victim assistance and environmental remediation to individuals and areas under their jurisdiction or control affected by the use or testing of nuclear weapons. Article 7 requires all states parties in a position to do so to provide assistance to affected states parties and to victims themselves, as well as obligating all states parties to cooperate to facilitate the treaty’s implementation. The Vienna Action Plan includes ten actions, Actions 19-29, dedicated to the implementation of Articles 6 and 7, including to discuss the feasibility of and propose guidelines for an international trust fund for affected states, to consider developing a voluntary reporting format and for affected states parties to provide initial assessments of the effects of nuclear weapons use and testing and to develop national plans for the implementation of these articles.


Kazakhstan and Kiribati


14 September 2023

21 July 2023

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