Environmental Impact Assessment and the Humanitarian Situation of the Surrounding Population of the Uraniferous Mine of the Shinkolobwe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Remy Zahiga, is a young Congolese climate activist, community organizer, nuclear prohibition and Peace activist. He  graduated (BAC+5) from Université Officielle de Bukavu (UOB), in Geology (Mine exploration) in the DR Congo. After he faced the degradation of the Congo rainforest, he decided to join the environmental movement by advocating to save the congo basin forest which is the world’s second lungs and the urgent need to promote the rights of the indigenous people, and after he raised and faced impacts of armed conflicts in the Eastern part of the DR Congo, he took the engagement to join the Peace seekers movement. 

His graduation research in 2019, was to ′′Evaluate the impact of Demography on the pollution of the groundwater in rural areas of Bukavu′′, DR Congo; published in manuscript at the UOB Library in French.

In Shinkolobwe, DRC, the local population still lives around a closed-down uranium mine. Remy will be working on collecting and analyzing water samples, mapping the area, and evaluating the vulnerability and exposure of the population.