Critical Nuclear Weapons Scholarship


What nuclear histories are hidden beneath a residential area in Cardiff, Wales? How can we reimagine the spirit of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement using audio-documentary tools? Does public opinion about the use of nuclear weapons depend on the racial identities of the potential victims of such a strike? These are just some of the questions addressed by researchers sponsored under the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’ (ICAN) Critical Nuclear Weapons Scholarship Program.

The program supports emerging and established scholars working on critical nuclear weapons scholarship so they may conduct and share their research, bringing fresh new perspectives to the field. 

Through the scholarship, we aim to challenge the status-quo in which academic and policy research on nuclear weapons is often dominated (financially or otherwise) by supporters of the nuclear weapons status quo in nuclear-armed and nuclear-allied states, failing to reflect a diversity of perspectives from around the world. Academics and researchers who want to conduct nuclear disarmament research may have trouble securing the necessary funding to do so, or to promote their work to reach a broader audience. The program addresses these issues. 

We are excited to introduce the first cohort of researchers and projects under the scholarship below.