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Age: 78
Location: Nagasaki
Distance from hypocenter: 3.3km


Michiko Yagi first hand accounts


“The site of the bombing – Matsuyama-machi – is now a pristine park. Back then, however, it was a bustling town where many people lived and worked.
A single atomic bomb detonated 500m above this town, destroying everything underneath it. Homes and families disappeared in an instant.
Humans cause war. Thus, only humans can prevent it.
I long for a peaceful society where everyone can live with dignity, and die with dignity.
Peace is not something that we passively wait for. Peace is something that we must seek out and cultivate.
Dear reader – please make Nagasaki the last atomic bomb site.
Yagi Michiko”

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Michiko Yagi, 78, is a first generation atomic bomb survivor. Her mother singlehandedly raised her and her four siblings while working full-time at a local high school.
Here she tells us about life after the bomb, where she often accompanied her mother to visit dilapidated farms in the countryside to trade off her mother’s cherished heirloom kimonos for a meager amount of food.

We arrived at the farm, and there was a large pile of potatoes out front. ‘Do you supposed they’d trade with us’ I asked. ‘I hope so’, my mother said.
So we knocked on the door.”