photo credit: ICAN Norway | Morgan Mackay

ICAN Rapid Action Fund open for applications


In 2022, ICAN announced the creation of a new action fund to support ICAN's partners efforts to carry out more direct actions, visual stunts and disrupt the status quo on nuclear weapons. Thanks to generous online donors from around the world, the fund raised CHF 37'833 and applications for the ICAN Rapid Action Fund are now open to all ICAN partners.  


Download the Application Guidelines

Through the ICAN Rapid Action Fund partner organisations can apply for funds (up to 2000 USD) to support their public activities in 2023 and strengthen their visual appeal. The goal of this fund is to generate more powerful images and videos emphasising broad public support for the campaign, for use by the entire campaign, while supporting local campaigning goals and creating a snowball effect around these different activities by sharing them globally. ICAN’s contribution would give partners some financial freedom to be creative and bring in outside support or create new materials that elevate the photos and videos that come out of the action.

For more information about the kinds of activities that are eligible, please read the ICAN Rapid Action Fund Guidelines.  

How to Apply 

ICAN will be receiving applications for the fund throughout the year, and must be submitted using ICAN's application format. 

Download the Application Form

Applications should be sent to: [email protected] and include the following information: 

• A project description, that clearly describes the action and expected impact, includes a short outline of a communication/ distribution plan that covers media and social media outreach, and an estimated timeline (maximum two pages). Focus on:  

○ What’s the visual story you are telling?

○ How will your action support ICAN’s goals (universalisation, stigmatisation, etc) and what is the target / goal you have in mind for your action ?

○ How will you disseminate these images and/or videos to increase the movement’s visibility?

• A one-page budget with a breakdown of costs, which must explain what ICAN's contribution will pay for concretely.