ICAN and ICAN France co-host ICAN Campaign Forum – Paris 2020


On February 14 and 15, 2020, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons will be hosting an ICAN Campaign Forum in Paris, France. Organised by ICAN and ICAN France, the ICAN Campaign Forum – Paris 2020 will bring together students and ICAN campaigners from around the world to extract lessons from the ICAN’s work in achieving and promoting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear weapons, and empower participants to get involved in ending nuclear weapons, or take on other challenges facing the world today.

With this Forum, ICAN hopes to further empower the next generation of campaigners to take meaningful action at a local, national and global level on issues that are relevant to them. In recent months, the world has seen the incredible successes of movements led by young people such as the massive climate protests seen around the world as part of Fridays for Future. With the ICAN Campaign Forum – Paris 2020, ICAN hopes to share its own experiences in this field and invite and empower new faces to join the fight to end nuclear weapons.

ICAN and ICAN France are finalising agenda and program, but those who are interested in receiving an invitation to register can do so here.

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Photo: Chris Karidis | Unsplash