ICAN Paris Forum: the livestreams


On 14-15 February, ICAN and ICAN France brought together 300 students and activists to discuss and learn about movement building, political change and what it takes to change the world. Below are the livestreams from the panels on the main stage. 

The light in Dark Times & So you wanna change the World

Day 1 started with a conversation with Hiroshima-bomb survivor Setsuko Thurlow and indigenous community organizer Leona Morgan about their struggle and how to never give up fighting for a better world. The panel starts at (starting at minute 36:45)

The second panel (starting at 01:37:00) covered how to target different decisionmakers to create change. How do you identify who you need to influence and how? What tactics can you use? Activists from racial justice, peace and climate movements shared lessons from their work and talked strategy. 

Nuclear Weapons 101: Risks, consequences and solutions

Nuclear weapons may be decades old, but the threats they pose to the world are still very real.  This expert briefing will bring you up to speed on how many nuclear weapons there are, what they do and why we need to get rid of them. 

The Best Art is Political

Art and culture have always been key drivers of change and influencers on how we see society. We are gathering talented artists to discuss how art can be used as a social justice tool.


Fight the Power! 

Day 2 of the ICAN Paris Forum began with an honest and personal conversation between trailblazing activists that know how it feels to go up against some of the most powerful actors in the world, such as the military, the patriarchy and big business. They discussed how they’ve challenged established narratives that seek to prevent change.

The Future of Activism 

Activism and the way we work to change the world is constantly evolving. In the final session of the conference, we heard from the climate movement, professional NGOs and single-issue coalitions to learn about different pathways to change.