1000 Day Fund: Four new projects launched!


After winning the Nobel Peace Prize last year, ICAN allocated part of the prize money to kickstart a fund to support initiatives that push towards the entry into force of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Since its launch, the 1000 Day Fund has been supported by generous donations from all across the world and today, we are proud to announce four new projects in collaboration with ICAN-partners from Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will enter into force when 50 countries join the treaty, and we are well on our way, with Vietnam and Austria among the most recent States Party to the treaty. And it’s been incredibly rewarding to see the 1000-Day Fund book clear results in this direction: just two weeks ago, a small contribution to ICAN Switzerland translated into the First Chamber of Swiss Parliament voting in favour of signing and ratifying the Treaty. Together with our partner organisations, we will work hard with to make these next four projects equally successful!

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With a presence in 27 nations, the African Council of Religious Leaders / Religions for Peace are perfectly positioned to promote the treaty across Africa. Campaigners highlight the trans-boundary impacts of nuclear weapons and the need for all nations to work for disarmament. Amongst other things, the 1000 Day Fund Project will enable the ACRL/RfP to bring together different stakeholders in the region, such as parliamentarians, campaigners and national Red Cross societies.



Members of the Latin American Human Security Network (SEHLAC) are taking each opportunity to engage with decision-makers and bring the entire region on board the treaty. SEHLAC representative Pía Devoto gives a very current example: “In Latin America, these two months revolve entirely around the Football World Cup, but that doesn’t mean our work must grind to a halt. Quite the contrary: As part of our 1000 Day Fund Project, we are exploring how to increase visibility of the Treaty, and the daily buzz around the world cup on social media provides us with countless opportunities to engage parliamentarians throughout the region. Appealing to their sense of fair play and their love of a win could help score a #Goal for the #Nuclearban”

Education also play a crucial role in promoting the Nuclear Ban Treaty. Our collaborations with the Institute of International Studies in Indonesia and the Center for Peace Education in the Philippines as part of this fund, will help campaigners scale up their current efforts to raise support for the Treaty in the Asia-Pacific.

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Each new signature, each new ratification is a small but important step towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons, and we are proud, excited and grateful that through this fund,  ICAN can support the movement that will make it happen!