The Impact of your donation

At a time when governments are decreasing funding for civil society and the richest, most powerful countries are trying to stop us, ICAN relies on committed individuals like you to step up and help us challenge the nuclear-armed states. 

We are rapidly approaching the moment of truth. Finally, the international community is approaching definitive recognition that nuclear weapons put us all in extreme danger, do nothing to make us safe and, accordingly, have no place in our world. In 2020, ICAN campaigners doubled their efforts to reach the 50 ratifications needed for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to enter into force. And it worked. In late October, Honduras became the 50th state party to the treaty, meaning nuclear weapons will become illegal under international law on 22 January 2021. But our work doesn't stop there. We’re getting ready to mark the day the treaty enters into force and to shift gears as our work for nuclear disarmament enters a new phase. Once the treaty has entered into force, we will need to build on this historic achievement by getting more countries on board, and by strengthening the stigma around these weapons of mass destruction. Please consider giving whatever you can. Let’s make history together!

ICAN’s campaign efforts requires planning, preparation and talented campaigners and activists around the world. Every gift, small and large, has a special and important place in enabling us to make TPNW a reality. ICAN is funded through governments, foundations and individual governments. 
50 ratifications 
Amount invested in Treaty ratifications:

CHF 1.32 million

0 left to EIF 
Getting one country on board:

CHF 40,000*

Entry into force

icon1.svg Conferences and speaking engagement

icon2.svg Meeting with decision makers

icon3.svg Education & public engagement 

icon4.svg Digital Campaigning

icon5.svg Research & legal analysis

Other projects made possible by your donation

The Treaty will make nuclear weapons illegal under international law, but broad mobilization and education across different sectors will be necessary to build the new norm that nuclear weapons are unacceptable and lay the groundwork for their elimination.

With $10,000

We can launch a research project that exposes key information about nuclear weapons to the public, like our "Schools of Mass Destruction" report from 2019.    

With $20,000

We can organise a meeting with experts on emerging technologies to develop new messaging and material educating people of the risks of nuclear weapons use, like we did in November 2019.

With $30,000

We can employ a campaigner to work with national parliamentarians to get a motion about signing the Treaty proposed and voted on, like we did for Switzerland last year

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