These are the 36 banks, pension funds and insurers taking a stand against nuclear weapons


A newly released edition of the Don’t Bank on the Bomb Hall of Fame shows that the number of financial institutions adopting and strengthening their policies to prevent any financial involvement in nuclear weapon producing companies is growing rapidly. Together, the 36 institutions in the Hall of Fame are keeping at least EUR1600 billion in assets out of the nuclear weapons industry.

The 36 banks, insurers and pension funds that comprehensively exclude all nuclear weapon producers are:

  • A.S.R. (insurer), Netherlands
  • ABP (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Alternative Bank Schweiz (bank), Switzerland
  • AP1 (pension fund), Sweden
  • AP2 (pension fund), Sweden
  • AP4 (pension fund), Sweden
  • APG (pension fund manager), Netherlands
  • Australian Ethical (superannuation fund), Australia
  • Banca Etica (bank), Italy
  • Bank Australia (bank), Australia
  • Bank fur Kirche und Caritas (bank), Germany
  • bpfBOUW (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Cooperative Bank (bank), UK
  • DNB (bank), Norway
  • Ethos (fund manager), Switzerland
  • Fonds de Compensation (pension fund), Luxembourg
  • Future Super (pension fund), Australia
  • GPFN (pension fund), Norway
  • Green Century (fund manager), US
  • KLP (pension fund), Norway
  • Menzis (insurer), Netherlands
  • MP Pension (pension fund), Denmark
  •  NIBC (bank), Netherlands
  • PenSam (pension fund), Denmark
  • PFA Pension (pension fund), Denmark
  • PfZW (pension fund),, Netherlands
  • PH&C (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Philips Pension Fund (pension fund), Netherlands
  • PNO Media (pension fund),Netherlands
  •  Spoorwegpensioenfonds (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Stichting Pensioenfonds voor de Woningbouwcorporaties (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Stichting Pensioenfonds Openbaar Vervoer (pension fund), Netherlands
  • Storebrand (bank), Sweden
  • Triodos Bank (bank), Netherlands
  • Volksbank (bank), Netherlands
  • Zevin (asset manager), US



Why is this important?

Since last year’s report, 14 new financial institutions have been added who comprehensively exclude nuclear weapons producers from their investments. This is not just significant because of the billions of dollars that are no longer available to nuclear weapons producers, it is also a clear signal to the nuclear weapons complex that the financial sector is changing in response to the 2017 adoption of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Investments are not neutral. Financing and investing are active choices, based on a clear assessment of a company and its plans. By adopting public policies that prohibit investments in the nuclear weapons industry these institutions are demonstrating the stigma associated with these weapons of mass destruction. That deserves to be celebrated, and that is the role of the Hall of Fame.

Not on the list?

If your bank, insurer or pension fund is not on the list, check the Don’t Bank on the Bomb website to see if they have any investments in nuclear weapon producers. If they do, there are many ways you can get in touch to ask them to divest from all nuclear weapons companies and to adopt a policy to prevent all investments in the future, such as a tweet or a friendly phone call to Customer service.

About the Don’t bank on the Bomb Hall of Fame

Don’t Bank on the Bomb is a yearly report by ICAN partner PAX that exposes the different financial ties supporting the nuclear weapons complex. With the Hall of Fame, the report profiles financial institutions that have adopted, implemented and published a policy that comprehensively prevents any financial involvement in nuclear weapon producing companies. A place in the Hall of Fame shows that these financial institutions put their money where their mouths are when it comes to making responsible investments that don’t put everyone’s future at risk, and inspires other institutions — that may have no or limited policies in place — to do better.



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