You can help end nuclear weapons.

The risk of nuclear weapons use is the highest it has been in decades. Nuclear threats and other reckless behaviour from nuclear-armed states are elevating the risk that conflict escalates into a global catastrophe.  But it does not have to be this way. Together, we can take meaningful action to rid the world of these weapons of mass destruction.

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What can I do? 

First of all, don’t panic. If you are feeling deep anxiety about nuclear war, please check out our guide » on this issue before you do anything else. If what you want right now is tools to take action, then we are with you! Here are four steps you can take to make a difference:

📢 #1 Speak up against nuclear weapons and the threats to use them. 

The current nuclear threats must never become “normal”. Right now, every voice raised against nuclear weapons and nuclear threats reduces the risk, and can really help prevent their use. ICAN's partner organisations are working around the clock to make sure all governments condemn these threats and prevent nuclear use, and we need strong public support for that message at all levels.  So use your voice however you feel most comfortable, on social media, in a letter to the editor or in a phone call/email to your MP ». The important thing is to speak out against these threats NOW.  

🪧 #2 Join the movement

Ending nuclear weapons is a fight we can and will win together, but it will take long-term action at many different levels. ICAN takes action all around the world, and if you join the movement, we will connect you to the many different ways to get involved at different levels. So sign up »  to receive updates, inspiration and opportunities to take action. 

It’s time to stop the madness. Join the movement.

📚 #3 Get the facts

You don’t need to be an expert to speak out against nuclear weapons and call out how dangerous and unacceptable nuclear weapons are. But information is power, and having the facts can help you find new ways to take action in ways that are meaningful to you. So to get you started, here are 10 things you should know about nuclear weapons »

🤝 #4 Find a local ICAN partner or get your community involved: 

ICAN has over 650 partner organisations in 110 countries, so it’s likely that there’s a group of people near you that’s already taking action to help end nuclear weapons and could use your support. Check out our global partner list here » 

But if there isn’t, why not reach out to your own community? We need EVERY voice against nuclear weapons: artists, churches, gardening groups, sports clubs, and others. So in your next get together or in a group chat, start the conversation: "Shall we take a stand against nuclear weapons together? How can we best use our strengths to do this?" And if you're part of a non-governmental organisation, consider becoming an ICAN partner (learn more here »).