Interactive Tool on Nuclear Weapons Test Impacts


Together with survivors of nuclear weapons use and testing, and other experts from around the world, we built an interactive map as an educational tool to provide an overview of what we know about the impacts of nuclear weapons use and testing of the over 2000 nuclear weapons detonated since 1945, featuring dozens of survivor testimonies and stories of their activism for justice.

The site tells the story of many courageous people and communities. 

For example, you can learn about the story of Dr. Enver Thoti Bughda, a medical surgeon and Uyghur rights activist from Xinjiang, China. After exposing the devastating effects of nuclear tests on the local population in the Lupnur region, he was compelled to leave China and seek political asylum in the UK where he continues to promote awareness of the shocking consequences of the nuclear tests.

Or listen to the stories of the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium, who are fighting for restitution for the harm they suffered from the Trinity Nuclear Tests in New Mexico, US.

Or you can watch the stories of people affected by the nuclear tests conducted by the United States in the Marshall Islands assembled by students from the Marshall Islands Students Association in Suva, Fiji.

Moreover, the website also answers the most important questions about nuclear weapons testing, like how many nuclear weapons have been used or tested and how the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons addresses the legacies of nuclear weapons testing and use.

There are many more stories to discover on the nuclear test impacts website here