International Media Coverage of the TPNW


Marcus Kahn is a researcher, writer, and educator based out of Berkeley, California. His work is critically informed and investigates the narratives and intellectual trends that dominate public discourse. He is fascinated by the role of information distribution in the formation of belief-systems as they relate to media coverage, public policy, and socioeconomic behavior, and has published work with the Hampton Institute. Marcus was a literacy intervention specialist for children with learning differences before producing content for economic forums around the globe. He taught middle-school English in Oakland and currently works in nonprofit development and communications.

Jeffery Klaehn holds a PhD in communication from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD in sociology from the University of Strathclyde. He resides in Canada. Orcid ID:

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was ratified by many non-nuclear armed states, and rejected by nuclear armed states. Marcus will be analyzing how power and state interests converge to impact media coverage of the TPNW, and the implications of this trend for disarmament narratives in public discourse.

His research entails critical discourse analysis of corporate media coverage among major international news outlets, and predicts that coverage will slant against ratification of the TPNW in nuclear nations when compared with non-nuclear nations, reflecting substantial barriers to communicating the urgency of disarmament.