Lucero Oyarzún


Digital Campaign Coordinator



A forester-turned digital campaigner. As the daughter of Chilean exiles raised in mega-biodiverse Ecuador, Lucero was drawn to issues of social justice and environmental protection from an early age and studied Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.  But ecological research didn't feel like it could make enough of an impact, and it wasn’t until she rolled into digital and social media campaigning - at a time when interns were still entrusted with 'the keys to the Ferrari' - that she was completely, hopelessly hooked. Ever since, she's been on a mission to discover and apply the most effective ways to move people into action for the planet and for each other.

Lucero worked with Greenpeace, Child Helpline International and came to ICAN in April of 2018 to help this people-powered campaign make even better use of our interconnected world. 


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