photo credit: JON SADLER | Snake River Alliance

ICAN launches new fund for rapid actions


The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has launched a donation appeal to create a new fund to support actions and visual stunts around the world in 2023 that disrupt the status quo on nuclear weapons. ICAN is hoping to raise 50,000CHF by the end of the year, contributions to the fund can be made at

Why set up an action fund?

The Rapid Action fund will enable ICAN’s partner organisations in 110 countries to respond quickly and publicly when there is an opening to push back against the nuclear threat. Through the fund, all partners will be eligible to apply for funds to produce and print bold banners and materials, bring in eye-catching props, hire a photographer or professional support to help our partners reach local media, and much more.

In the current context of heightened risk and tensions, there are many opportunities to make the conversation about nuclear weapons more public, whether it’s a spike in concern over a nuclear threat, dual-capable fighter jets being moved around, a government statement on nuclear weapons, or any other opening to make nuclear weapons the central issue. A dedicated fund will help activists move quickly when a key moment comes up. 

Donate to the Fund

Public actions and stunts against nuclear weapons are more necessary than ever

This year, people all over the world realised that nuclear weapons are an urgent threat. The renewed attention and fear of nuclear war creates an opening for us to put unprecedented pressure on nuclear armed and nuclear supporting states to change course. To do that, we need to add more visible public pressure to our already strong advocacy and political work. It is time for our campaign to show up on the streets, and reflect the popular support for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear weapons which is reflected in polls, time and time again. In 2023, the ICAN Rapid Action Fund will power a series of direct actions, public stunts and disrupt the status quo on nuclear weapons. Will you contribute?