ICAN International Steering Group Meeting Notes

The ICAN international structure consists of Partner Organisations, an International Steering Group (ISG), a Swiss Registered non-profit association, and an International Staff Team (IST). The ISG is responsible for the governance of the campaign. Its responsibilities include strategic planning, financial oversight, fundraising, and policy formulation, as well as regular consultation with Partner Organisations, seeking to incorporate widely held views. For a full description of the ISG's composition and purview, please read ICAN's International Structure Document. You can find the full list of ISG member organisations and their representatives here

Meeting summaries:

A summary of the topics discussed as well as any formal decisions taken for each meeting of the ISG is listed below.

July 2021 regular meeting / adopted in August’s Meeting

The ISG welcomed Vanessa from PANG, thanked Molly and Chuck from IPPNW for completing their role as a chair for the last 12 months, and congratulated Cristian and Maria from SEHLAC to take over from the next meeting. A new ISG member. The meeting touched on many subjects with a discussion and decision to support the World Nuclear Survivors Forum later this year and a general discussion of ICAN’s role and potential activities as the civil society coordinator leading up to the 1MSP. The ISG approved staff recommendations for new ICAN partner organisations.

August 2021 regular meeting / adopted in September’s meeting

This was the first meeting with SEHLAC as Administrative Chair and with Cristian as chair of the meeting. This meeting discussed the need for sending meeting summaries to the ICAN Campaigners List and welcomed the youth for TPNW Network initiative.

September 2021 regular meeting / adopted in October’s meeting

The ISG discussed preparation work for the First Meeting of States Parties, scheduled to take place in Vienna in March 2021, including projects related to Articles 6 & 7 of the TPNW, victim assistance, and environmental remediation. Steering group members briefly discussed the recent Norwegian election and upcoming German election as the two relate to the TPNW.

September 2021 extraordinary meeting on racism / adopted in October’s meeting

This extraordinary meeting was organized to address the criticism of the ICAN paper on racism via Twitter by an individual from an organisation. ISG members discussed how to give the importance to deserve through different actions and proposals, acknowledging that criticism on papers happens all the time, particularly in this kind of issue.