Global Day of Action Against Nuclear Weapons November 26, 2023 at 12:00am - November 27, 2023 Bern Global ICAN Place de Cornavin 2 Geneva 1201 Switzerland

As governments, experts and campaigners get ready for a week of building on the treaty banning nuclear weapons, join the international day of action on Sunday 26 November to call for an end to nuclear weapons and bring attention to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)! 

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What does this Global Day of Action look like? 

All around the world, people will be taking action to show the delegations in New York that we expect them to be bold, courageous and use the TPNW to dismantle nuclear deterrence, and make sure the rest of the world is paying attention to this crucial opportunity. Your action can take whatever shape you can pull off! Big demonstrations bringing together thousands of people are and look amazing, but you don’t always have to have the numbers to make an impact.  A strong sign, a good backdrop can be enough to get the message across, but if you have the resources and energy to go big, then this is the right time to hit the streets! With the right action and a good image, you can make media in your country pay attention. With enough actions around the world, we can make the pressure feel global.

Wherever you are, make sure to be loud and proud that the TPNW is here and is the way to end the threat of nuclear weapons.  And if you need some ideas to get started, check out our gallery of actions below for inspiration. 


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To make this global day of action big and bold, we need to amplify each other’s actions - ahead of time and on the 26th itself.  So if you’re planning an action, please add it to the 2MSP calendar  allowing participants from around the world to find and engage with what you’re doing. We want to show that these events are taking place around the world, so please take a quick moment to post your event details. 

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While this is not a one size fits all action, we have some useful social media templates including images and text for you to adapt and use to promote your own event: 

And if you are looking for a creative yet low-cost action, check out the Artists Against the Bomb! This incredible exhibit allows you to use some incredible artworks wherever you are in the world, just by printing posters at 60*90cm in black and white. Where you show the posters is up to your creativity: from a gallery exhibit or a festival stand, an outdoor exhibit on a shopping street or a floating exhibition, to a photoshoot in the park! 

Get inspired!

ICAN campaigners around the world are brilliant at taking their message against nuclear weapons to the streets. Here’s just a few of the actions we’ve seen in the past year.  

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When we raise our voices together, on social media, the result is heard around the world. So we’ve put together some posts you can share to your social media of choice with just a few clicks. Help us spread the word?