Spread the Word- Graphics & Templates


To make this week of action a success, we need everyone involved. So will you help us spread the word? Share that you are participating in the week of action and invite people to join you. We’ve put together some photos and sample texts to help you get friends and family involved! 

Graphics about nuclear weapons spending

Our latest report on global nuclear weapons spending exposes the exorbitants amouns spent by the 9 nuclear armed states in 2023, and we have put together a social media toolkit with sample texts and graphics.


Check out the toolkit


We also produced this in-depth explainer video, which you can share far and wide. If you need clips for social media or want to generate subtitles for your language, reach out at [email protected]  


Graphics: Invite people to join the week of action

Action is more fun with friends. Invite your friends, family, colleagues and community to join you with one of the graphics below: 

If you have a Canva account, we’ve also created a template for you to add your own photo!


Social media posts are most effective when they are in your own voice, so feel free to write your own text about why you are participating in the week of action. But here is some inspiration to get you started: 

No Money for Nuclear Weapons! From 16-22 September 2024, join @nuclearban in a week of action taking on the unbelievable amounts of money wasted on these WMDs each year

💣 $90 billion. That’s the staggering amount spent on nuclear weapons each year. But what if we used that money to tackle poverty, hunger, and disease? Join the movement to say NO to nuclear spending and YES to a world where every individual’s basic needs are met. 16-22 September, 2024 

💰 Did you know? Over $90 billion is spent on nuclear weapons annually. Imagine the positive impact if we redirected that towards education, healthcare, and climate initiatives. Let’s say NO to nuclear arms spending and invest in a brighter future! 🌏

The key link to include so people can get involved is: https://www.icanw.org/week_of_action
You can also tag us in your posts using #nuclearban or our social media handles: 

Create your own graphics

Want to make your own banners, social media materials, etc? Check out our styleguide here to get inspired, and make sure to let us know you've used them with photos tagging @nuclearban!