Scientific Advisory Group for TPNW Announced


Thanks to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a new group of prominent scientists from around the world will now study key issues to advance nuclear disarmament and better understand nuclear weapons risks and their consequences. 

On 1 March 2023, the Scientific Advisory Group for the TPNW held its first meeting, following its February launch. The Group is composed of eminent international scientists and experts on nuclear weapons nominated by States Parties and appointed  by the President following consultations with States Parties. The Group is mandated to report on the latest cutting edge research on nuclear weapons, from nuclear weapon risks to the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons to nuclear disarmament verification. The Scientific Advisory Group will also identify and engage with the broader scientific and technical community to establish a wide network of experts to support the goals of the Treaty. 

The TPNW Scientific Advisory Group is composed of the following experts:

  • Kouamé Rémi Adjoumani 

  • Bashillah Bt. Baharuddin 

  • Erlan Batyrbekov

  • André Johann Buys

  • Jans Fromow-Guerra

  • Ivana Nikolic Hughes

  • Bwarenaba Kautu 

  • Moritz Kütt 

  • Patricia Lewis 

  • Zia Mian

  • Sébastien Philippe

  • Gerardo Suárez Reynoso 

  • Petra Seibert 

  • Noël Francis Stott 

  • A K M Raushan Kabir Zoardar 

At the inaugural meeting, the Group elected Ms. Patricia Lewis and Mr. Zia Mian as co-chairs. The establishment of this group is an important contribution of the TPNW and step forward towards its full implementation. The Group will continue to meet this year and report on their progress at the Second Meeting of States Parties in New York later this year.