Premiere: New Documentary on the Nuclear Ban Treaty


A new documentary from ICAN partner, Pressenza, telling the story of how the movement to end nuclear weapons succeeded in achieving the UN Treaty that bans them, will be premiered in New York this Thursday, June 6th.


The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons tells the story of how the United Nations came to approve the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, despite decades of pressure by nuclear-armed states to maintain the status quo. Through interviews with 14 experts in their fields and the moving testimony from Hiroshima bomb survivor, Setsuko Thurlow, the documentary takes the viewer through a brief history of nuclear bombs, anti-nuclear activism, and the creation UN Treaty that will end these inhumane, immoral weapons.

Daniel Högsta, Campaign Coordinator at ICAN welcomes this great documentary: “If you want to know how the nuclear weapons ban treaty was won — and what it will mean for nuclear disarmament — look no further than the inspirational new documentary The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons. It’s the inside story from people that were there: from the beginning of the nuclear era in a ravaged Hiroshima to the gaveling to mark the end of the TPNW negotiations and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.“

Where can I see the documentary?

The documentary will premiere on the 6thof June, at the Village East Cinema, in New York, and go on tour across several cities. For licensing reasons it will be a few months before it’s open to the public on youtube, however any ICAN campaigner who wants to organise a presentation can do so by contacting Tony ([email protected]). The 55 minute documentary is currently available in English and Spanish, and versions are currently being prepared in French, Japanese, Italian, Greek and Czech, and they will prepare it in any language you want if you can help with translations.

Learn more about the creation of this documentary