photo credit: ICAN | Dgtl Concepts

New ICAN Storytelling project features nuclear testing survivors


On the International Day Against Nuclear Tests, ICAN launched a new resource featuring the stories of  survivors of nuclear weapons testing:   

August 29th is the International Day against Nuclear Tests. This day commemorates the closing of the Semipalatinsk Test Site - an inspiring achievement of the people-led  movement against nuclear weapons in Kazakhstan, in solidarity with anti-nuclear weapons movements around the world. Nuclear weapons tests continue to have devastating humanitarian consequences for communities around the world, and to contribute to raise awareness of these impacts, ICAN has launched a media-rich storytelling page that shares the powerful testimonies and activism of nuclear test survivors.   

Bernice and Jeanne Gutierrez, Ambassador Teburoro Tito, Douglas Hern, Eric Barton, Karipbek Kuyukov and Aunty Sue Haseldine are among the many voices from around the world featured on the page. Survivors are the experts on nuclear weapons and their stories of injustice and activism are incredibly powerful. This new narrative webpage lets you hear how the impacts of nuclear testing impacted their lives and communities and how they continue to fight back.  

This deep-dive into individual stories complements the information packed interactive map website launched at the First Meeting of States Parties in June, to highlight the impact of nuclear tests and activism of survivors through storytelling. The map was also featured as an exhibit during the 2022 NPT Review Conference at the UN in New York.