International Fast to commemorate Hiroshima-Nagasaki August 06, 2021 at 12:00pm - August 09, 2021 Paris Locations in the UK France US Germany New Zealand and Togo Please ignore the "Country" mention Multiple Switzerland Contact person: Marc Morgan

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The International Fast to commemorate Hiroshima Nagasaki has been held for many years now and brings together over a hundred individual fasters in different locations across the world.


The fast is both a collective commemoration and protest, and a series of individual but connected events held in the different countries – involving both fasters and non-fasters alike.


Although each separate event is important, and makes a special statement destined for the governments and citizens of the respective countries in which it is held, it is one collective event, and can be advertised as such. Anyone is welcome to take part in the fast, and to make their participation in the fast known to the organizers.


The collective dimension of the Fast  is best reflected in the “Appeal of the International Groups of Fasters” which is agreed every year between the fasters in the different countries.


Here is a link to this year’s Appeal:


The common themes in the Appeal and in the communication made locally around the Fast are the need to promote and ensure widespread adherence to the TPNW; the increased risks the world is facing; the huge cost of nuclear weapons; and the enhanced interdependency and need for solidarity which the COVID-19 Pandemic has illustrated.


At the end of the appeal, the main locations across the world where the fast is taking place (non-exclusive lists, as many people fast individually or in small groups and are not included) are included.


The countries involved, with some links to local actions, are:



Contacts email addreses for each of these countries are given in the Appeal.