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Thank you for committing to honour the Hibakusha through your action to help end nuclear weapons. 

You can immediately multiply the impact of your pledge through three concrete steps: 

  1. Encourage your friends, family and followers to read the Hibakusha's stories and take the pledge with you, by sharing on social media using the links below.

    The Hibakusha have spoken, hear their stories. Photo: Haruka Sakaguchi
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  3. Become one of 75 champions to set up a monthly gift to the campaign to support the activists implementing the Hibakusha's vision for a world free of nuclear weapons

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Over the coming weeks, we'll be sending you more information about the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and all the ways you can take a stand with the Hibakusha to push for a nuclear-weapons-free world. Together, we're going to get there.  


Ps: This is not just one of those petitions that people sign and nothing ever happens. We're going to turn this pledge into a historic win by making nuclear weapons illegal under international law. Want to learn more about how your pledge is going to make a difference?