Seminar January 23, 2021 at 10:00am - 12pm New Delhi Gov Victoria college Palakkad Kerala (st) INDIA Palakkad 678001 India Contact person: Nadam Foundation

NADAM FOUNDATION will conduct the importance of TPNW in a very reputed and 150 year old College in Palakkad District of Kerala State.


Around 5000 students are studying there but due to COVID, only 50 students are permitted to attend. Being a lawyer with 21 years experience, I will undertake the orientation class as I have thoroughly studied TPNW. We are also planning to form NADAM volunteers in colleges to spread the importance of the Treaty and works of ICAN....More over we are going to distribute the copies of UNDHR which is supplied by the UN office in INDIA. We will conduct a quiz programme about TPNW and include the questions related to ICAN. We will also give prizes to the winners.