#TPNWChallenge - Week of Action for the Treaty January 16, 2021 at 12:00pm - January 22, 2021 Edinburgh 77 Southpark Ave Glasgow G12 8LE United Kingdom Contact person: Scottish CND

Scottish CND are celebrating Entry Into Force with a Week of Action starting on Saturday 16 January. Each day, we will be asking you to do a simple action - it won't take more than five or ten minutes of your time - to raise awareness of the Treaty and to build support for it among your community.


We'd love to see what you do! Please share your actions with us on social media using the hashtag #TPNWChallenge or send us updates by email. Download our Week of Action checklist here, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook daily to see each day's new challenge.


Scottish CND, together with other ICAN partners across the UK, is also encouraging organisations (and individuals!) to ring bells and make some noise at 12 noon on January 22nd. Read more here and get involved!


The #TPNWChallenge page will be updated daily with any templates, links or resources you might need to complete your #TPNWChallenge actions. Good luck!