The Prague Agenda: Czech Republic and Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament


David Backovsky is Associate for Media and External Communications at the Centre for International Security. Prior to joining the Hertie School, he worked as a project manager on U.S. State Department stabilization projects in the Middle East, coordinating efforts to build platforms for independent media. David graduated from the Hertie School’s Masters of International Affairs program and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University College Utrecht in Philosophy. His research interests include transatlantic and nuclear security issues.

David is researching Czech history and narratives on nuclear disarmament. He argues that the Czech Republic occupies a unique space in the Eastern European region to revive conversations about arms control and nuclear disarmament. Drawing from interviews with government officials, academics, and arms control advocates, David makes the case for the Czech Republic to take back its former position as a key space to advance nuclear disarmament.


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