Alistair Burnett


Head of Media


Alistair Burnett is Head of Media for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, responsible for press outreach and relations for ICAN. Alistair had an extensive career with BBC News where he was editor of both Newshour on BBC World Service and later The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4, where he was editor for ten years until 2014. Since then, he has led media and communications for the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the international NGO Sightsavers and, most recently, the think tank, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House. Alistair has been a supporter of abolishing nuclear weapons since reading John Hersey's Hiroshima as a teenager, a book that makes vividly clear the unthinkable humanitarian impact of using these weapons. He has a masters from the University of Edinburgh in history and has won awards for journalism, including the Amnesty International media award for radio.