A call for Albania to be on the right side of history! January 22, 2021 at 12:00pm - January 23, 2021 Budapest | virtual | Rr Dritan Hoxha Tirana Albania Contact person: Together Foundation Albania Virtual event | link:



  • We will hold an open lecture with master degree students of law and political sciences in a university in Tirana and we will cover the entry into force of the Treaty and its implications. The online lecture will be streamed on Facebook. This will take place in the afternoon. Link:

  • We wil participate in an interview on the Albanian TV channel A2 CNN Affiliate in the morning to discuss about the entry into force of the Treaty, its historic importance and a call for Albania to position itself on the right side.


  • We will publish and distribute a document that we have prepared in Albanian language on the entry into force of the Treaty.


  • We are using social media extensively to raise awareness, before, on the entry into force day and we will continue afterwards as well.