Party at Volkel airforce base January 22, 2021 at 11:50am - 2:50pm Amsterdam Zeelandsedijk 10a Volkel 5408 SM Netherlands Contact person: Susan van der Hijden

Hooray! On 22 January 2021, the UN treaty prohibiting the development, stockpiling, threat and deployment of nuclear weapons enters into force. We celebrate that day at Volkel air base where nuclear bombs are still lying: welcome! We meet at 11:50 am at the main gate. After a short word of welcome, we start with 100 seconds of silence. Then we read some passages from the UN treaty and offer the treaty with a festive bow around it at the main gate. Then we get to work: around the base we place next to the 'forbidden entry' signs that protect the nuclear weapons, new signs that warn the base and passers-by that from that day on nuclear weapons are forbidden. Finally, we bring a warning sign and the text of the UN treaty to the town hall of Uden and urge the mayor to take action.