100+ NGOs push for civil society access at NPT


More than 100 organisations from over thirty countries signed on to letter with ICAN to press for civil society access at the upcoming 10th Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), currently scheduled to take place 4-28 January at UN Headquarters in New York. The letter was sent on 17 November to NPT Review Conference President-Designate Gustavo Zlauvinen and the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, which convened a civil society consultation shortly thereafter on 24 November.

The full text of the letter and organisational sign ons appear below. Organisations still interested in signing on to the letter may do so by contacting [email protected].

17 November 2021


Mr. Gustavo Zlauvinen, NPT Review Conference President-Designate and;

Ms. Izumi Nakamitsu, UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

We would like to congratulate you on confirming the dates of the upcoming 10th Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in January. However, pursuant to your 25 October 2021 letter, we would also like express our deep concern about the proposed modalities for civil society participation at this meeting.

The ongoing denial of access to civil society at the UN Headquarters is of grave concern, as is the failure of UN Secretary-General António Guterres to adequately respond to previous complaints in this regard, including from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms.

Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to all humanity. Civil society has, for decades, consistently raised the priority of this issue with policymakers and the public through our diverse research, advocacy, and other initiatives; our knowledge and experience bring unique perspectives and important information that is used and appreciated by states and the UN community.

While recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated necessary limitations in order to maintain health and safety, other UN forums are now opening to allow some in-person civil society participation. As such, it is unacceptable for civil society to be excluded from any form of in-person participation at a meeting of such importance to international peace and security.

As sixty states told the President of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly in a joint statement in early October, civil society “enrich and improve the relevant outcomes” of multilateral work “through their lived experiences, diverse range of expertise and feet on the ground.”

For the success and legitimacy of the upcoming NPT Review Conference, we urge you to ensure that civil society may contribute meaningfully and substantially to this meeting as they have in every meeting beforehand. This may include, but is not limited to, in-person access and participation to the Review Conference, the ability to disseminate reports and other information resources with states parties, receive conference documents, and deliver statements to NPT states parties and the broadcasting of the Review Conference plenary sessions on UN TV. To discuss this further, we would like to request a Zoom consultation with you about NGO participation and access to the UN Headquarters before the end of November. We look forward to engaging constructively with you to find an appropriate solution, taking into account necessary health restrictions.


Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Coordinating Committee

Abolition des Armes Nucléaires - Maison de Vigilance

Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy


Arms Control Association

Association des jeunes de Saint Charles Lwanga

Association Timbuktu Center for Strategic Studies on the Sahel

Beati i costruttori di pace (BCP), Blessed Are the Peacemakers Italy

Beyond the Bomb

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security

Canadian Pugwash Group

Center for Political Ecology

Chernobyl-Hibakusha Support Kansai

Cultural Youth Initiative Movement of Nigeria

Disarmament and Security Centre

Dutch Peace Tribunal

End Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children

Ethics in Technology

Facilitation for Integrated Community Rural Development (FICRD)

Forbyd Atomvåben - ICAN in Denmark

Forum for Nation Building Nepal

Frauennetzwerk für Frieden e.V. / Women's Network for Peace, Germany

FundiPau (Foundation for Peace)

Global Security Institute

Global Zero

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility

Hidankyo (Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations)

Human Rights Education and Peace International

International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - Aotearoa New Zealand

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - Australia

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - France

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - Norway

International Disarmament Institute, Pace University

International Fellowship of Reconciliation

International Health & Epidemiology Research Center

International Peace Bureau

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – Norway

International Trade Union Confederation

International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN)

Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Israeli Disarmament Movement

Japan Congress against A- and H-Bombs (GENSUIKIN)

Japanese Liaison Council of Second-Generation Atomic Bomb Survivors

Journalists for Human Rights-North Macedonia

Kairos Foundation of Nigeria

Know Nukes Tokyo

LABRATS International

Mayors for Peace

Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)

Middle East Treaty Organization

Mines Action Canada

Movement for a Non-violent Alternative

Nadam Foundation

Nei til Atomvåpen (No to Nuclear Weapons Norway)

Norwegian Peace Council

Norwegian People's Aid

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nuclear Watch New Mexico


Nukewatch (USA)

NVMP - Artsen voor vrede

Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance


Pacific Network on Globalization

Pax Christi International

Pax Christi Vlaanderen vzw

Peace Action Wisconsin

Peace Boat

Peace SOS

Peace Union of Finland


PeaceWorks Kansas City

Peaceworkshop Mutlangen

People for Nuclear Disarmament

People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

Peoples Federation for National Peace and Development

Poovulagin Nanbargal

Project Ploughshares

Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

Pugwash - Netherlands

Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo


SALAM Association, Union of Comoros

Secure Scotland

SEHLAC Network


Soka Gakkai International

Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea

Spanish Commission for Justice and Peace

Swedish Physicians Against Nuclear Weapons

The Human Survival Project

The Simons Foundation Canada


UK and Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities

UN House Scotland

United Nations Association - UK

Vrede vzw

War Prevention Initiative

Western States Legal Foundation

Women Concern

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Netherlands

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - US

World Council of Churches

Youth Arts New York/Hibakusha Stories