Polish Perspectives on Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament


Zuzanna Gwadera is a Research Assistant and Programme Administrator at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, where she provides research and administrative support for the Missile Dialogue Initiative. Prior to joining the Institute, Zuzanna worked at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London as an open-source analyst. Her research interest lies in nuclear arms control and missile technology. She holds an MA in arms control and international security from King’s College London and a BA in philosophy, politics, and economics from Durham University.

Zuzanna is researching the development and position of the nuclear disarmament debate within Poland. She draws on historical and current Polish perspectives on nuclear disarmament and deterrence to understand how the country's history, geographical position, and geopolitical standing shape its perception of the role and effects of nuclear weapons, and why the Polish government has tacitly supported the nuclear status quo. In her research, Zuzanna stresses the need for national and international stakeholders to engage the Polish public on the subject of nuclear disarmament and provide much-needed peace education, hopefully resulting in a more vigorous public debate of these indiscriminate weapons.

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