Nuclear Disarmament in Russia: Exploring the Impact of Peaceful Nuclear Explosions on Pro-Disarmament Shift


Ksenia Pirnavskaia holds a BA from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russia, where she majored in international scientific and technological cooperation. Now she is pursuing an MA in Science and Technology Policy at KAIST, South Korea. Kseniia works as a research-consultant at the Open Nuclear Network, Austria. She is part of the leadership teams of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Youth Group and International Student Young Pugwash. She had internships at PIR Center, Moscow, and CTBTO and VCDNP, Vienna. Her research interests lie in the area of international scientific and technological collaboration, science diplomacy, disarmament, nonproliferation, and humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons use.

Ksenia is researching how some nuclear tests in Russia, so-called Peaceful Nuclear Explosions, have impacted local communities' attitudes towards nuclear weapons. She uses a national polling organization’s data to determine the degree of fear average Russians feel towards nuclear weapons, as well as their views on nuclear disarmament. Ksenia considers whether or not proximity to where nuclear weapons were tested in some Russian regions may relate to peoples’ views on nuclear weapons.

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