Progress towards joining the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons


Many states are in the process of becoming parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). Below is a summary of the status of the ratification processes for all signatory states, along with a summary of commitments by several non-signatories to review and join the treaty. Ratification kits to assist states in becoming parties to the TPNW are available here.


Algeria Liechtenstein
Angola Madagascar
Brazil Malawi
Brunei Mozambique
Cabo Verde Myanmar
Central African Republic Nepal
Colombia Niger
Democratic Republic of the Congo São Tomé and Príncipe
Dominican Republic Sudan
Ghana Tanzania
Grenada Timor-Leste
Guatemala Togo
Indonesia Zambia
Libya Zimbabwe



“Algeria intends to ratify the TPNW in the very near future.” – 12 October 2020



The ratification process is under way.



“The [TPNW] is currently under consideration by the Brazilian national congress with a view to its ratification.” – 22 January 2021



The ratification process is under way.


Cabo Verde

The national assembly approved ratification of the TPNW on 25 March 2022.


Central African Republic

“The internal procedure for ratifying the TPNW is in progress.” – 12 October 2018



“The TPNW was signed by Colombia on 3 August 2018 and the internal legislative process leading to its eventual ratification is pending.” – 6 March 2020


Democratic Republic of the Congo

The council of ministers authorised ratification of the TPNW on 6 May 2022. However, approval by the national assembly is still pending.


Dominican Republic

The senate approved ratification of the TPNW on 6 April 2022. It is now before the chamber of deputies.



“National processes are currently under way in Ghana for the ratification of the [TPNW] and the subsequent deposit of our instrument of ratification.” – 28 September 2021



The ratification process is under way.



The congress approved ratification of the TPNW on 2 March 2022, after which is was sent to the executive to finalise the ratification process.



“Currently, Indonesia is still under the process to ratify the treaty. We are, however, very hopeful that, by the time that the first meeting of states parties is held early next year, Indonesia will be joining as a state party.” – 22 January 2021



No clear information.



“Liechtenstein reiterates our commitment to ratifying the TPNW … at the earliest possibility.” – 11 October 2021



The ratification process is under way.



“Malawi is fully committed to the [TPNW] and is looking forward to ratifying it with an intention to become a state party … as soon as possible.” – 12 October 2018



The TPNW has been submitted to the parliament for ratification.



“Myanmar signed the TPNW in September 2018 and had planned to ratify it this year. This ratification, sadly, is no longer possible with the naked power grab and illegal coup by the brutal military. But … we sincerely wish to ratify it as soon as possible, with proper endorsements by the duly elected representatives of the people of Myanmar.” – 7 October 2021



“Nepal is committed to ratifying the [TPNW] at the earliest possible.” – 4 October 2021



The ratification process is under way.


São Tomé and Príncipe

The ratification process is under way.



“Sudan is currently undertaking its internal legal and administrative processes to ratify the [TPNW].” – 12 October 2020



“[Tanzania’s] ratification process is under way.” – 28 September 2021



The national parliament approved ratification of the TPNW on 25 April 2022.



“Togo’s ratification procedure of the TPNW is nearly complete.” – 23 October 2019



The ratification process is under way. In 2017, the parliament’s committee on national security and foreign affairs reviewed the TPNW and issued a report on its merits.



“Consultations, as well as administrative processes, for ratification are at an advanced stage.” – 11 October 2021




Andorra Haiti
Argentina Iraq
Bahamas Rwanda
Chad Sierra Leone
Egypt Suriname
Eswatini Turkmenistan



“I am confident that, once we complete our internal procedures, Andorra will be in a position to sign and ratify the TPNW.” – Foreign Minister, 25 July 2019



“[Argentina] is continuing its analysis and evaluation of the text of the [TPNW].” – 5 November 2020



“The Bahamas … hopes to be in a position to join on to the [TPNW] following the completion of [its] internal review.” – 12 October 2020



“Chad will adhere [to the TPNW] when the time comes.” – 16 July 2020



“Signing and ratifying the TPNW is subject to an ongoing internal review and assessment by the Egyptian government.” – 2 December 2020



“[Eswatini] is involved in internal processes to become a party to the [TPNW] soon.” – 23 October 2018



“We have fully supported the [TPNW] and we look forward to ratifying it to facilitate its entry into force.” – 2 October 2020



“[Haiti] has taken due note [of the TPNW’s entry into force] and committed to complete its membership of the TPNW before the first meeting of states parties scheduled for March 2022.” – 11 October 2021



“The issue of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is still under consideration of our government.” – 31 March 2020



In January 2022, the ministry of foreign affairs indicated that Rwanda would adhere to the TPNW in due course.


Sierra Leone

“Sierra Leone remains committed to the signing and ratification of the TPNW.” – 12 October 2021



“The TPNW is currently under consideration.” – 8 September 2021



“The issue of accession to the TPNW is under the consideration of the government of Turkmenistan.” – 17 February 2021