ICAN MSP Sponsorship Programme for ICAN Partner Representatives Vienna, Austria

Civil Society Forum 18th - 19th June 2022

Humanitarian Consequences Conference 20th June

TPNW Meeting of states Parties 21st - 23rd June


ICAN MSP sponsorship programme

The treaty’s 1MSP will be hosted by Austria in Vienna from 21st - 23rd June 2022, as well as a humanitarian consequences conference on the 20th June and ICAN will serve as the Civil Society coordinator for the government conference. This will be the first time all countries that are party to the treaty will come together to discuss progress to meeting the treaty’s goals and figuring out crucial topics. The 1MSP will be a key moment for ICAN to both ensure that the treaty gets off to a strong start and that support for banning and eliminating nuclear weapons grows.

ICAN will be organizing a Civil Society Forum scheduled to take place 18th - 19th June ahead of the government meeting. The Civil Society Forum is an excellent opportunity to mobilize global public opinion in order to increase pressure on nuclear-weapons states to commit to the complete and total elimination of nuclear weapons. We want to use this platform to raise public awareness on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons use and testing, including focusing on ongoing impacts for communities, international law and human rights. 

ICAN is making plans to ensure that the majority of the sessions are live-streamed to allow for remote participation. ICAN is launching a sponsorship programme for representatives from partner organizations from developing countries interested in participating in the Civil Society Forum, the Humanitarian Forum and the MSP and are invited to complete and submit the application form below no later than 22 April 2022. ICAN will cover participants (flights, visa fees, travel insurance, covid-19 PCR test, accommodation, and meal costs. Additionally, ICAN will provide necessary documents for the visa process, such as (flight and hotel reservations, invitation letters, and travel insurance certificates).

Application and selection process for sponsorhip

The application is open to representatives of ICAN partner organisations from developing countries as defined by the OECD DAC list. Every effort will be made to balance representation across regions, genders, and ages.

Priority will be given to applicants whose governments will participate in the MSP as state parties or observers, and to individuals who can be in Vienna throughout the events, 18th–23rd June, and who will actively work on the TPNW at national, regional, and/or international level, including engagement with government representatives, and who will undertake follow-up work after the Vienna Conference.

Applications must be completed and submitted no later than 22nd April 2022.

Application form

Please fill in and send the application form below by 22nd April 2022 at the latest to Hawa Metz at: [email protected].

Download form (PDF)