ICAN Delegation Application Confirmation

Thanks for submitting your request to join ICAN’s Delegation to the first Meeting of States Parties of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (1MSP). We will now process your application to the delegation and get back to you with our decision before 17 May 2022.

Once you have been approved as part of the delegation, there is another mandatory step: you will also have to register via the UN’s online Indico system. Each participant must create their own profile and will be asked to provide (a) the accreditation request letter, including the name of the participant, and (b) their passport nationality and email address. Online registration will be available from 30 May until 14 June 2022. We will contact you before 30 May to ensure you have the necessary information to complete the online registration.

Visas: We will provide a letter for those participating at the 1MSP as part of the ICAN delegation, which can be used when applying for visas but please note that it is not a visa sponsorship letter. Please also note that the UN will not issue letters of invitation or letters to consulates requesting that civil society be provided visas to attend the 1MSP.

For any questions regarding this process please contact Christina Hawley on: [email protected]