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A-bomb survivors visit Israel

10 September 2012

Four A-bomb survivors from Hiroshima are this week making a historic visit to Israel. They want to share their stories from the day of the bombing and life after the bomb, and to issue an urgent appeal for “no more Hiroshimas, no more Nagasakis”. They hope to stimulate greater debate regarding global nuclear disarmament.

The visit is being coordinated by the Israeli Disarmament Movement in cooperation with the Japanese Peace Boat and ICAN. While in Israel, the four survivors will visit Yad Vashem for a tour and meeting with Holocaust survivors, and the Western Wall in Jerusalem. They will participate in events open to the public, where they will offer their personal testimony.

ICAN campaigner Sharon Dolev said: “I have met survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki in many events abroad, and I am always most touched by their dedication, their modesty, and their clear and simple message: no more Hiroshimas, no more Nagasakis. They have devoted their lives to this work because they are not willing to see what happened to them happen to anyone else in any country, regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality.”

Dolev added: “While we are constantly hearing the drums of war here and the standard line of our leaders – that all options are on the table – somehow there is no discussion of the talks that are to take place in Helsinki at the end of this year, the purpose of which is to open a regional dialogue with international support towards the disarmament of the Middle East from weapons of mass destruction.”

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ICAN meeting in Hiroshima

21 August 2012

More than 100 nuclear disarmament campaigners from 25 countries took part in an ICAN meeting in Hiroshima on 21 August. It was the first ICAN meeting to be held in Japan. The objectives included developing a unified global strategy for the coming year; building the campaign’s presence in Asia; introducing campaigners to new action ideas; and developing the concept of a humanitarian-based approach to nuclear disarmament.

At the meeting, ICAN launched a new publication detailing the “catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons on our health, societies and the environment”. The publication argues for nuclear weapons to be banned just as other inherently inhumane and indiscriminate weapons – such as landmines and cluster munitions – have been prohibited by treaties.

It provides information on the immediate and long-term effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the harm caused by radiation, the likelihood of global climate disruption and widespread famine in the event of a regional nuclear war, the enormous toll of nuclear testing and nuclear weapons production on our health, and the opportunity costs of investing in nuclear armaments.

ICAN also launched an initiative to send 1,000 paper cranes to every president and prime minister in the world. The cranes will be accompanied by a request from Hiroshima schoolchildren for a message supporting a global ban on nuclear weapons. Campaigners in more than 80 countries will be involved in the delivery of the cranes, which have become a worldwide symbol for nuclear disarmament.

Hiroshima meeting report (English) →

Hiroshima meeting report (French) →

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Catastrophic humanitarian harm

On the 67th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima, ICAN launched a publication titled Catastrophic Humanitarian Harm, which details the catastrophic effects of nuclear weapons on our health, societies and the environment. The report argues for nuclear weapons to be banned just as other inherently inhumane and indiscriminate weapons – such as landmines and cluster munitions – have been prohibited by treaties.

It provides information on the immediate and long-term effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, the harm caused by radiation, the likelihood of global climate disruption and widespread famine in the event of a regional nuclear war, the enormous toll of nuclear testing and nuclear weapons production on our health, and the opportunity costs of investing in nuclear armaments. The effects of nuclear weapons should be central to all discussions about non-proliferation and disarmament.

English version →

German version →

Japanese version →


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Bringing ICAN to Syria

18 July 2012

ICAN Syria’s regional campaigner Ghassan Shahrour commenced work with ICAN in 2012 – taking his lifelong work as an activist in the Middle East to embrace the challenge of ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

Dr Shahrour has dedicated his entire adult life to helping the vulnerable and marginalized. Studying medicine in his youth, he began volunteering in refugee camps in his homeland of Syria. The experience brought him into contact with disabled children, sowing the seeds of a life’s work that saw him found a community organization for the disabled, with a focus on rehabilitation, education and outreach.

Through this work, Dr Shahrour also discovered first-hand the brutality of war and its harrowing effects on refugee communities. “I have seen the ugly face of war and its dangerous human, health, social and environmental impacts on people,” he says. “I have seen the ugly face of weapons in general and indiscriminate ones in particular.”

What he saw motivated Dr Shahrour to join the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Cluster Munition Coalition, and other disarmament, survival assistance and development organizations. He also organized a series of conferences on disarmament and human security.

Dr Shahrour became involved in ICAN with a desire to “protect the future of humanity”. “The possession of nuclear weapons anywhere in the world constitutes a threat to people everywhere,” he says. He sees the enormous sums of money spent on maintaining the world’s inventory of nuclear arms – estimated by Global Zero at US$104.9 billion in 2011 alone – as an unjustifiable waste of resources.

“The cost of development and maintenance of nuclear weapons, if properly invested for the people of the world, could help achieve the Millennium Development Goals [and] ensure sustainable development,” he says. Dr Shahrour sees his concerns reflected in the views of the communities he serves. “As a community worker on the ground, I know exactly what people need for their health, education, social services, and safety and security.”

Dr Shahrour is a passionate advocate for a comprehensive global nuclear weapons ban treaty. He says that realizing his vision for a more peaceful, stable, nuclear-free world must begin with people like him. “We need well-organized, knowledgeable, trained and dynamic campaigners to maximize the use of media to deliver clearly and strongly ICAN’s messages and goals.”

Dr Shahrour says that he and his fellow campaigners have an important role to play in promoting the establishment of a group of major states sharing the same disarmament vision as ICAN. “We must also help to educate the public that a world free of nuclear weapons is necessary, feasible and urgent, not only to protect civilians and innocent people, as with the mine ban treaty and cluster munitions convention, but also to protect the present and future of humankind.

“We must take strong action against any state that violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) or states that expand their nuclear weapons arsenal. It is important to stigmatize the possession and development of nuclear weapons.”

Finally, Dr Shahrour calls on campaigners to pressure governments to make nuclear weapons a “hot, urgent issue”. This, he says, is the best path to opening negotiations on a comprehensive convention for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

In 2009, Dr Shahrour’s life-long work in support of banning antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions, as well as supporting people with disabilities to enjoy their full rights, was recognized when he received the International Star of Hope Award from the Centro Integral de Rehabilitación de Colombia (CIREC) and the Vice-President’s Office of Colombia.

However, despite growing recognition, Dr Shahrour’s work is never done, and has been made even more difficult by the civil unrest that has struck Syria since early 2011. “The circumstances in Syria have limited our activities,” he concedes. “But we are still able to distribute some education materials on health, and women’s and children’s rights.”

Since 2011, Dr Shahrour has coordinated the newly established Arab Human Security Network. This new organization aims to promote the knowledge and skills of civil society on human security issues, including disarmament, women’s rights, health and education.

By Matt Cropper

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Swedes push for nuclear ban

9 July 2012

ICAN Sweden took part in the week-long Almedalsveckan – widely considered one of the most important political gatherings in Sweden – to build public support for a nuclear weapons ban. Together with the Swedish chapters of WILPF and IPPNW, Pernilla Lundmark, campaign coordinator for ICAN Sweden, organized an action in the central square of the city of Visby, Gotland’s capital.

Physicians from IPPNW offered to check the blood pressure of passers-by, telling them to take preventive measures and support a ban on nuclear weapons before it’s too late. Information manager of IPPNW Sweden, Josefin Lind, also made the case for a treaty banning nuclear weapons in a panel discussion on nuclear weapons and security.

Ms Lundmark believes their presence opened people’s eyes to the danger nuclear weapons pose to everyday people: “Presenting ICAN during this week has made our demand for a ban on nuclear weapons known to the public and the wider NGO community. We’re showing that we are a new up-and-coming force that is present in relevant forums, and that our campaign should be taken into account. This will be vital for our work during the year.”

The support for a treaty banning nuclear weapons has been lamentably weak among Swedish policymakers for many years. By building a strong campaign coalition, however, ICAN Sweden aims to challenge this. “Carl Bildt, our foreign minister, stopped to take a look at our campaign pins, and Center Party MP Kerstin Lundgren said that she would welcome a discussion on the idea of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. But they’ve only seen the start of ICAN Sweden,” Ms Lundmark said.

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Order of Australia appeal

On Australia Day in 2012, more than 700 prominent Australians appealed to the Prime Minister to support international efforts to ban nuclear weapons. This ICAN initiative garnered the support of such diverse Australians as writer Bryce Courtenay, gardener Jamie Durie, publisher Ita Buttrose, Olympian Liz Ellis and former prime ministers Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke and Gough Whitlam.


Text of the appeal

Dear Prime Minister,

There is a growing consensus among world leaders on the urgent need to abolish nuclear weapons. The increasing risks of nuclear weapons proliferation and use in our region and beyond mean there has never been a more important time for Australian initiative and leadership in global efforts to free the world from nuclear weapons.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged governments to consider negotiating a convention to outlaw nuclear weapons and provide for their elimination within an agreed time frame. We, the undersigned recipients of the Order of Australia, call upon the Australian government to adopt a nuclear-weapon-free defence posture and to join other nations in working to achieve a comprehensive, verifiable treaty to abolish nuclear weapons.


Full list of signatories
Mr Phillip Adams AO
Dr Tony Adams AM
E/Prof. Kym Adey AM
Hon. Mike Ahern AO
Prof. Don Aitkin AO
Mr Martin Albrecht AC
Prof. Michael Alpers AO, CSM
Mr Len Amadio AO
Prof. Brian Anderson AO
Mr Andrew Andersons AO
Prof. Peter Andrews AO
Prof. James Angus AO
Rt Hon. Doug Anthony AC, CH
Mrs Shelley Argent OAM
Mr Bill Armstrong AO
Hon. Dr Lynn Arnold AO, KSJ
Ms Pamela Ashton OAM
Mrs Sallyanne Atkinson AO
Mr Ivan Backman AM


Dr Vernon Bailey OAM
Dr Appupillay Balasubramaniam OAM
Dr Trevor Banks OAM
Mr Paul Barratt AO
Mr Pat Barrett AO
Prof. Tony Basten AO
Hon. Dr Peter Baume AC
Prof. Lawrence Beilin AO
Mr John Bell AO, OBE
Dr Coral Bell AO
Prof. Max Bennett AO
Prof. Bruce Bennett AO
Prof. David Bennett AO
Mr Gunars Berzzarins OAM
Mr Marc Besen AO
Dr John Best AO
Dr G. J. Bishop AM
Prof. Ruth Bishop AO
E/Prof. Charles Blackburn AC
Dr David Blaikie AM
Mr Michael Blakemore AO, OBE
Hon. Dr Neal Blewett AC
Mr David Block AC
Dr Keith Boardman AO
Rev. Dr John Bodycomb OAM
Ms Bonita Boezeman AO
Mr Eric Bogle AM
Prof. Geoffrey Bolton AO
Mr Martin Bonsey AO, CVO
E/Prof. Peter Boyce AO
Dr Stephen Boyden AM
Hon. Steve Bracks AC
Hon. Sir Gerard Brennan AC, KBE, QC
Prof. Max Brennan AO
Rev. Fr Frank Brennan AO
Prof. Peter Brooks AM
Prof. Dorothy Broom AM
Mr Michael Brosowski AM
Dr Don Brown AO
Prof. Graham Brown AM
Mr John G. Brown AO
Prof. Henry Burger AO
Prof. David Burke AO
Mr Julian Burnside AO, QC
E/Prof. Christopher Burrell AO
Prof. Richard Butler AC
Ms Ita Buttrose AO, OBE
Prof. Edward Byrne AO


Dr Jean E. Calder AC
Mr Alton Caldersmith OAM
Dr Donald Cameron AO
Prof. Joseph Camilleri OAM
Prof. Ivan Caple AM
Mrs Lina Caporaso OAM
Msgr David Cappo AO
Dr Jeff Carmichael AO
Ms Kate Carnell AO
Most Rev. Dr Peter Carnley AO
Prof. John Carter AO
HE Edward Idris Cassidy AC
E/Prof. Peter Castaldi AO
Mr Rodney Cavalier AO
Prof. Malcolm Chaikin AO
Prof. John Chalmers AC
Hon. Fred Chaney AO
Ms Jan Chapman AO
Prof. Don Chisholm AO
Dr John Christian AO
Mrs Helen Christian AM
Prof. Ian Chubb AC
HE Edward Clancy AC
Prof. Kenneth Clarke AO
E/Prof. Graeme Clarke AO
Prof. Adrienne Clarke AC, AO
Mr Paul Clarkson AO
Dr Inga Clendinnen AO
Dr Julie Cliff AO
Prof. Peter Coaldrake AO
Lt-Gen. John Coates AC, MBE
Mr John Coates AC
Prof. Harvey Coates AO
Mr Michael Codd AC
Mr Damien Codognotto OAM
Dr Alex Cohen AO
Dr Harry Cohen AM
Mr Geoffrey Coles AO
Prof. Ian Constable AO
Mr William Cooper AO
Prof. Max Corden AC
Prof. Suzanne Cory AC
Rev. Tim Costello AO
Mr Bryce Courtenay AM
Hon. William Cox AC, RFD, ED, KStJ
Ms Eva Cox AO
Mr Tim Cox AO
Mr Laurence Cox AO
Hon. Greg Crafter AO
Prof. David Craig AO
Mr Mark Cranfield OAM
Dr Joan Croll AO
Prof. Michael Crommelin AO
Dr Patricia Crook AO
Ms Alison Crook AO
Mr Rodney Croome AM
Mr Michael Crouch AO
Prof. David Curtis AC


Ms Dur-é Dara OAM
Captain J. R. O. Davies OAM
Mr Melville Davies OAM
Prof. Glyn Davis AC
Prof. Elizabeth Dax AM
Prof. Ric Day AM
Prof. The Hon. David de Kretser AC
E/Prof. Graham de Vahl Davis AM
Mr Grahame Deane AM
E/Prof. Derek Denton AC
Ms Roma Dix OAM
Prof. Peter Doherty AC
Prof. Geoffrey Donnan AO
E/Prof. Bob Douglas AO
Mr Paul Dracakis OAM
Dr Les Drew AM
Mr Barry Dudman OAM
Mr Jamie Durie OAM
Mr David Dyer AM
Mr James Earle AM
Dr Patricia Edgar AM
Mr Ray Edmondson OAM
Prof. Meredith Edwards AM
Prof. Peter Edwards AM
Dr Ross Edwards AM
Rev. Dr Denis Edwards OAM
Mr Ted Egan AO
Prof. Garry Egger AM
Mr Tony Eggleton AO, CVO
Ms Liz Ellis AM
Mr Peter Ellis OAM
Ms Lauris Elms AM, OBE
Mr Robert Elphinston OAM
Prof. Murray Esler AM
Prof. The Hon. Gareth Evans AC, QC
Mr Mike Evans OAM
Hon. Justice Elizabeth Evatt AC


E/Prof. Ian R. Falconer AO
Mr Richard Falkinger AO
Mr Graham Farley OAM, RFD, ED
Dr Alan Farnsworth AM
Prof. Allan Fels AO
E/Prof. Peter Fensham AM
Mr John Ferris AM, KCSG
Mr Derek Fielding AM
Dr Alan Finkel AM
Hon. Justice Robert Fisher AO, QC
Dr Stephen Fitzgerald AO
Mr Paul Fitzgerald AM
Mr James Fitzpatrick AM
Air Vice-Marshal James Flemming AO
Mr Philip Flood AO
Maj-Gen. Tim Ford AO
Prof. Gordon Ford AM
Ms Leneen Forde AC
Mr John Forsyth AM
Mr David Foster OAM
Mr Russell Fox AC
Mr Arthur Frame AM
Rt Hon. Malcolm Fraser AC, CH
Dr Robert Fraser AM
Prof. Ian Frazer AC
E/Prof. Derek Frewin AO
Mr Ronald Fry AO, MBE
Mrs Margaret Fulton OAM
Prof. John Funder AO
Dr Bryan Furnass AM


Dr Rhonda Galbally AO
Ms Irene Gale AM
Dr Geoff Gallop AC
Mr Patrick Galvin AM
Prof. Joe Gani AM
Mr Carillo Gantner AO
Prof. Margaret Gardner AO
Dr O. Margaret Garson AO
Dr Tom Gavranic OAM
Dr Ian Gawler OAM
E/Prof. Donald George AO
Mr Robin Gibson AO
Prof. William Gibson AM
Mr Ray Gietzelt AO
Prof. Vance Gledhill AM
Mr Thomas Gleghorn OAM
Mr Denis P. Glennon AO
Maj-Gen. Warren Glenny AO, RFD, ED
Prof. Ashley Goldsworthy AO, OBE
E/Prof. Jack Golson AO
Mr Bruce Goodluck AM
Mr Leonard Goodman AO
Prof. Richard Gordon AO
Mr William G. Gosewinckel AO
Mr Kevan Gosper AO
Mr John Grant AM
Mrs Linley Grant OAM
Dr Elizabeth Grant AM
Rt Rev. James Grant AM
Gen. Peter Gration AC, OBE
Mr Malcolm Gray AM
Dr David Greatorex AO
Dr Roy Green AO
Prof. Paul Greenfield AO
Dr Tony Gregson AM
Dr Gavan Griffith AO, QC
Dr Bill Griggs AM
Hon. Ray Groom AO
Mr Andrew Grummet AM
Dr James Guest AM, OBE
Hon. Dame Margaret Guilfoyle AC, DBE
Mr William P. Gurry AO
Prof. Ian Gust AO
Rev. Prof. James Haire AM
Prof. Wayne Hall AM
Mr Clive Hamer AM
Mr Stuart Hamilton AO
Prof. Clive Hamilton AM
Prof. Elery Hamilton-Smith AM
Prof. The Hon. Keith Hancock AO
Dr John K. Harcourt OAM
Dr Peter Hardy-Smith AO
Dr John Hargrave AO, MBE
Hon. Justice David Harper AM
Prof. Stuart Harris AO
Ms Catherine Harris AO, PSM
Ms Helen Harris OAM
Sr Myree Harris OAM
Ms Michele Harris OAM
Dr Gaye Hart AM
Prof. John Hartley AM
Mrs Brenda Harvey OAM
E/Prof. Riaz Hassan AM
Hon. Bob Hawke AC
Hon. Bill Hayden AC, KSJ
Mr Eric Hayes AO
E/Prof. Laurie Hegvold AM
Mr John Hegvold OAM
Mr Les J. Heil AM
Mr Graeme Henderson AM
Dr Peter Hendry AO
E/Prof. John B. Hennessy AO
A/Prof. Mark Hertzberg AO
Dr Basil Hertzel AC
Dr Peter S. Hetzel AM
Most Rev. Barry J. Hickey OAM
Dr John Hickie AO
Mr Stuart Hicks AO
Dr David Hill AO
Mr Kerry Hill AO
Dr Valerie Hill OAM
Ms Joan Hiller OAM
Mr Gerald Hinton OAM
E/Prof. Michael Hobbs AO
Dr Bruce Hobbs AO
Dr Rex Hobcroft AM
Maj-Gen. Barry Hockney AO
Mrs Dorothy Hoddinott AO
Mr Geoffrey Hogan AM
Dr John Hogg OAM
Hon. Caroline Hogg AO
Mr Warwick J. Holcroft AO
Mr John G. Holder OAM
Rt Rev. Dr Peter Hollingworth AC, OBE
Prof. Bruce Holloway AO
Prof. Andrew Holmes AM
Mrs Janet Holmes à Court AC
E/Prof. Roderick Home AM
Prof. Ross Homel AO
Mr Geoffrey Hook OAM
Hon. Dr Donald Hopgood AO
Prof. Steve Hopper AC
Dr Robyn Horsley OAM
Ms Judith Houston OAM
Prof. Brian Howe AO
Prof. John McC. Howell AO
Mr John-Michael Howson OAM
Mrs Ann Hoy OAM
Dr Wendy Hoy AO
Mr John Huessler AM
Hon. T. E. F. Hughes AO, QC
Maj-Gen. Jim Hughes AO, DSO, MC
Ms Robin Hughes AO
Mr Benjamin Humphreys AM
Rt Rev. Barry Hunter AM
Dr Robert Hunter AM
Hon. Chris Hurford AO
Dr Frank Hurley OAM
Mr Darvell M. Hutchinson AM
Mr Peter Ilbery OAM
Prof. Jörg Imberger AM
Mr Neil Inall OAM
Sir Brian Inglis AC
Dr Ken Inglis AO
Dr Robert Ingpen AM
Mr John G. Ingram AM
Mr James Ingram AO
Mr Graeme Innes AM
Mr Peter Isaacson AM
Mr Paul Isherwood AO
Mr Peter Ivany AM
Mr David Jackson AO
Prof. David James AO
Mr Alan James OAM
Mr George James AM, ED
A/Prof. Norman James OAM
Prof. Glyn Jamieson AM
Dr Martin Jarvis OAM
Maj-Gen. Michael Jeffery AC, CVO, MC
Mr Tom M. Jeffrey AM
Prof. Garry Jennings AM
Dr Fred Jevons AO
Mr Keith Johnson AM
Ms Joyce Johnston OAM
Dr Neil Johnston AO
Mr Elliott Johnston AO, QC
Prof. Colin Johnston AO
Mr Kenneth Jolly AM
Ms Caroline Jones AO
E/Prof. Warren Jones AO
Dr Barry Jones AO
Sr Deirdre Jordan AC, MBE
Mr Peter Joseph AM 
Prof. Ross Kalucy AM
A/Prof. Elizabeth Kalucy OAM
E/Prof. Max Kamien AM
Prof. Margaret Kartomi AM
Rev. Dr Bruce Kaye AM
Dr Michael Keating AC
Hon. Murray Kellam AO
Mr Graeme Kelleher AO
Mr Eric R. Kelly AM
Hon. Lawrence Kelly AM
Hon. Ros Kelly AO
Mr William Kelly OAM
Mr Bill Kelty AC
Dr John Keneally AM
Mr Thomas Keneally AO
Mr Trevor Kennedy AM
Hon. John Kerin AM
Mr Reginald Kermode AM, MBE, JP
Prof. Allen Kerr AO
E/Prof. Alex Kerr AM
Mr Joseph Khattar AM
Prof. Michael Kidd AM
Dr Anthony Kidman AM
Mr Ian Kiernan AO
E/Prof. Jiro Kikkawa AM
Ms Ingeborg King AM
Mr Geoffrey M. King AM
Mr Roger King OAM
Mr Ross Kingsland AM
Maj-Gen. John W. Kingston AM
Hon. Michael Kirby AC, CMG
Hon. Joan Kirner AM
Mr Clive W. Kitchin AM
Prof. A. G. Klein AM
Dr David Klingberg AO, FTSE, KSJ
A/Prof. Vernon Knight AM, JP
Vice Adm. Ian Knox AC, RAN
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM
Prof. Pauline Ladiges AO
Dr Antony Lamb OAM
Dr Donald Lamberton AO
Mr Colin Lanceley AO
Mr John Landels AC
Mr John Landy AC, CVO, MBE
Mr John Langoulant AO
Prof. Frank Larkins AO
Prof. Richard Larkins AO
Mrs Lydia Lassila OAM
Mr Robert Laurie AM
Mr John Laurie AC
E/Prof. James Lawrence AO
E/Prof. John Lawrence AM
E/Prof. James Lawson AM
Mr Geoff Lawson OAM
Dr Max Lay AM
Prof. Roger A. Layton AM
Mr Alex Lazenby AO
Vice Adm. David Leach AC, CBE, LVO
Lt-Gen. Prof. Peter Leahy AC
E/Prof. Barry Leal AM
Dr Stephen Leeder AO
Mr Jim Leedman AM
Dr Deborah Lehmann AO
Mr Peter Lehmann AM
Dr Ronald Leng AO
Dr Richard Letts AM
Prof. Miles Lewis AM
Dr Helen Light AM
Dr John Lill OAM
Hon. Dr John Lincoln AM
Dr Rex J. Lipman AO, ED
E/Prof. Miles Little AM
Mr Bruce Lloyd AM
Mr Alistair Lloyd AO, RFD, ED
Dr Brian E. Lloyd AM
Mr Mathew Lodge AM
Mr John Longley AM
Mr Brian Loton AC
Dr Maryanne Loughry AM
Prof. John F. Lovering AO
E/Prof. Anthony Low AO
Mr John Low OAM
Maj-Gen. Darryl Low Choy AM, MBE, RFD
Mr Doug Lowe AM, ASM
E/Prof. Ian Lowe AO
Prof. Ray Lowenthal AO
Mr Geoffrey Lumsdaine AM
Mr Graeme Lyall AM
E/Prof. Alban Lynch AO
Sr Rose MacGinley OAM
Mr Ian Macintosh AM
Dr John Mack AM
Dr Ian R. Mackay AM
Dr Patricia Mackay OAM
Prof. Richard Mackay AM
Mr John W. S. Mackenzie AM
Prof. Charles Mackenzie AO
Prof. Colin Mackerras AO
Mr Malcolm Mackerras AO
E/Prof. Alison Mackinnon AM
E/Prof. Ian Maddocks AM
Prof. Jack Martin AO
Hon. Sir Anthony Mason AC, KBE, QC
Mr Ian Mathews AM
Prof. Jagannath Mazumdar AM
Ms Kavisha Mazzella AM
Mr David McAllister AM
Prof. Ron McCallum AO
Mr John V. McCarthy AO
Ms Wendy McCarthy AO
Dr Neville McCarthy AO
Hon. Doug McClelland AC
Dr Kenneth McCracken AO
Mr Macolm McCusker AO, QC
Mr R. Julian McDonald AO
Mr Paul McDonald Smith OAM
Mr Dugald McDougall OAM RD
Dr Roderick McEwin AM
Mr George McFarlane OAM
Prof. Patrick McGorry AO
Prof. Anne McGrath OAM
E/Prof. Peter McIntyre AO
Mr Ian Mckenzie OAM
Prof. Ken McKinnon AO
Prof. James McLeod AO
Prof. Anthony McMichael OAM
Prof. Gabrielle McMullen AM
Dr Jeff McMullen AM
Prof. John McNeil AM
Prof. Robert Menary OAM
Prof. Frederick Mendelsohn AO
Prof. Donald Metcalf AC
Dr George Michell AC
A/Prof. Brian Miller AM
Prof. Jacques Miller AC
Ms Sue Milliken AO
Prof. Nancy Millis AC, MBE
Prof. Jill Milroy AM
Dr Graham Mitchell AO
Mr Harold Mitchell AC
Prof. Simon Molesworth AO
Prof. Sir Peter Morris AC
Hon. Bill Morrison AO
Mr Graeme Morton AM
Dr Ann Moyal AM
Rev. The Hon. Dr Gordon Moyes AC
E/Prof. John Mulvaney AO, CMG
Mr Baillieu Myer AC
Mr Martyn Myer AO
Sir Eric Neal AC, CVO
Mr Colin Neave AM
Mr Geoff Neilson AM
E/Prof. Garth Nettheim AO
Dr Raymond Newcombe OAM
Rt Rev. Phillip Newell AO
Hon. Alastair Nicholson AO, RFD, QC
Dr John Nieuwenhuysen AM
Prof. John Niland AC
Hon. Peter Nixon AO
Fr Peter Norden AO
Sir Gustav Nossal AC, CBE


Dr Lloyd O’Brien AO
Rev. Prof. Gerald O’Collins AC
Mr Jack O’Connell AO
Prof. Kerin O’Dea AO
Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue AC, CBE, DSG
Dame Bridget Ogilvie AC, DBE
Mr Bruce Okely AM
Mr Barrie Oldfield OAM
Dame Margaret Olley AC
Dr John O’Loughlin AO
Dr Robert O’Neill AO
Ms Gail Owen OAM
Prof. Earl Owen AO
Mr Moffatt Oxenbould AM
Prof. Sev Ozdowski OAM
E/Prof. John Painter AM
Ms Maudie Palmer AO
Mr Alan Parker OAM
Dr Judith Parker AM
Ms Merle Parkes AM
A/Prof. Leon Paroissien AM
Dr Trevor Parry AM
E/Prof. Robin Parsons AM
Dr R. R. Pascoe AM
Mr Nicholas Paspaley AC
Prof. George Paxinos AO
Hon. Andrew Peacock AC, GCL
E/Prof. Colin Pearson AO, MBE
Mrs Tanya Pearson OAM
Prof. David Penington AC
Mr Royce Pepin AM, MBE, GCSJ
E/Prof. Roslyn Pesman AM
Mr Emanuel Petrelis OAM
E/Prof. Garry Phillips AM
Maj-Gen. Peter Phillips AO, MC
Dr Trevor Pickering OAM
Mr Ian Pike AM
Mr Anthony Pilkington OAM
Mr Wallace Pilz AO, OBE
Mr Bob Piper AO
Rev. Lucille Piper OAM
E/Prof. Ian Polmear AO
Dr Muriel Porter OAM
Ms Mary Porter AM
Dr John Possingham AM
Lady Primrose Potter AC
Prof. Lawrie Powell AC
Mrs Jeanne Pratt AC
Ms Valerie Pratt AO
Mr David Prest AM
Mr Douglas Price AM
Prof. Margot Prior AO
Mr Lyndel V. Prott AO
Ms Elizabeth Proust AO
Rear Admiral Peter Purcell AO
Mr Ian Purcell AM
Hon. Dr Rodney Purvis AM, QC
Prof. John Ralston AO
Dr Gregor Ramsey AM
E/Prof. John Ramsland OAM
E/Prof. John Ratcliffe OAM
Ms Daphne Read AO
Sr Judith Redden AO
Rev. Dr Ruth Redpath AO
Air Vice-Marshal Alan Reed AO
Mr Leslie Reedman OAM
E/Prof. Stuart Rees AM
Mrs Thora Regan AM
Ms Jill Reichstein OAM
E/Prof. Alan Reid AM
Dr Janice Reid AM
Dr Elizabeth Reid AO
Mrs Jean Reid OAM
Mr Ian Renard AM
Mr Kenneth Rennie AM
Dr George Repin AM
Mr Thomas Reynolds AM
Prof. Harold Richards AM
Air Vice-Marshal Robert V. Richardson AO, AFC
Mr Oliver Richter AO
Mrs Eda Ritchie AM
Mr Neville Roach AO
Dr Judith M. Roberts AO
Dr Ian Robertson OAM
Dr William Robinson AO
Prof. Alan Robson AM
Mr Ernest Rodeck AM, OBE
Mr Bob Romanes OAM
Ms Chris Ronalds AM, SC
Mr S. John Rooth OAM
E/Prof. Calvin Rose AM
Prof. Doreen Rosenthal AO
Ms Celia Rosser OAM
Maj-Gen. David Rossi AO
Dr Janes Rossiter AM
E/Prof. Peter Rousch AM
Mr John S. Rowe AM
Prof. Robyn Rowland AO
Hon. Kevin Rozzoli AM
A/Prof. Tilman Ruff AM
E/Prof. Richard Ruffin AM
Mr Llew Russell AM
Mr Richard Ryan AO
Hon. Susan Ryan AO
Dr Maurice Sainsbury AM
Mr Donald Sanders AO
Lt-Gen. John Sanderson AC
Prof. Vicki Sara AO
Prof. Cheryl Saunders AO
E/Prof. Nicholas Saunders AO
Prof. Martin Sawer AO
Ms Anne Schofield AM
Hon. Gordon Scholes AO
Hon. Con Sciacca AO
Rev. Dr J. F. Scott AO
Dame Margaret Scott AC, DBE
Air Vice-Marshal Peter Scully AO
Dr Peter Sculthorpe AO, OBE
Prof. Graham Seal AM
Prof. Margaret Seares AO
Mrs Penelope Seidler AM
Ms Anne Sgro OAM
Mrs Tonia Shand AM
Mr Stan Sharkey AM
Maj-Gen. Raymond Sharp AO, RFD, ED
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Hon. George Shaw OAM
Ms Dinah Shearing AM
Mr Brett Sheehy AO
Prof. John Shine AO
Dr Tony Shinkfield AO
Dr Stefania Siedlecky AM
Air Vice-Marshal W. H. Simmonds AO
Hon. David Simmons OAM
Ms Jenny Simons OAM
Prof. Donald Simpson AO
Mr Steven M. Skala AO
Mr David Skellern AO
Ms Jean Skuse AO, MBE
E/Prof. Maria Skyllas-Kazacos AM
Prof. Ian Sloan AO
Prof. Richard Smallwood AO
Prof. J.J.C. Smart AC
Mr Dick Smith AO
Prof. Brian W. Smith AO
Dr Damien Smith AM
Dr Russell Smith OAM
Mr Jack Smorgon AO
Dr Robert Solomon AM
Mr Gavin Souter AO
Ms Heather Southcott AM
Dr John Southwick AM
Dr Jack Sparrow AM
E/Prof. Donald Spearritt AM
Mr Don Spencer OAM
Dr Anthony Sprent AM
Mr Philip Spry-Bailey AO
Prof. Thomas Spurling AM
Mr Peter Spyker AM
Prof. Mandyam Srinivasan AM
Prof. Fiona Stanley AC
Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM
Mrs Judith Steel AO
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Mr John Steinle AO
Rt Hon. Sir Ninian Stephen KG, AK, GCMG, GCVO, KBE
Dr Alan Stephens OAM
E/Prof. Leonard Stevens AM
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Mr Andrew Stojanovski OAM
E/Prof. David F. Story OAM
Mr John Strachan AM
Dr Jennifer Strauss AM
E/Prof. Hugh Stretton AC
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Prof. Russell Strong AC
Dr Kenneth Sullivan AM
Prof. Anne Summers AO
E/Prof. John Sumner-Potts OAM
Dr Rob Sutherland AO
E/Prof. Francis Swain AM
Prof. John M. Swan AO
Mr Kenneth Taeuber AO
Mr Noel Tanzer AC
Ms Kathleen Taperell AM
Rev. Michael Tate AO
Prof. Hugh Taylor AC
Ms Jill Taylor OAM
Prof. Jim Taylor AM
Dr David Taylor OAM
Mr Ian Temby AO
Mr Mike Terlet AO
Prof. Deane Terrell AO
Mr Robert Thomas AO
Hon. James Thomas AM
Prof. Napier Thomson AM
Mr Peter W. Thomson AO, CBE
Ms Margaret Throsby AM
Ms Ruth Tideman AM
Mr Peter Tinley AM, MLA
Mr Albert Tognolini AM
Hon. John Toohey AC
Mr Nicholas Toonen OAM
Dr John Tooth OAM
Dr Paolo Totaro AM
Mr Phillip Toyne AO
Prof. Paul Torzillo AM
Mr Robert J. Trenberth AM
Dr Gad Trevaks AM
Mr Dennis Trewin AO
E/Prof. Patrick Troy AO
Prof. David Tudehope AM
Dr Gillian Turner AO
E/Prof. Dennis Turner OAM
Prof. Michael Tyler AO
Rev. William Uren AO
Hon. Tom Uren AO
Mr John Utz AC


Mrs Eugenia Vallianos OAM
Dr Margaret Varady AO
Mr Chris Vardon OAM
Mr Geoffrey Vaughan
Ms Elizabeth Vines OAM
Ms Therese Virtue OAM
Mr Derek Volker AO
E/Prof. Mark Wainwright AM
Mr Andrew Walsh AM
Mr Patrick Walsh AM
Mr Doug Walter OAM
Mr Richard Walter AM
Prof. William A. W. Walters AM
Mr Storry Walton AM
Mr David Ward OAM
Mr John A. Ware OAM
Dr Sue Wareham OAM
Prof. John Warhurst AO
Mr Richard Watson AM
A/Prof. Alan Watson AM
Mr Peter Watts AM
Prof. Don Watts AM
E/Prof. Ian Webster AO
Judge Christopher Weeramantry AM
Prof. Erich Weigold AM
Mr Barry Weir OAM
Prof. David Weisbrot AM
Prof. Colin Wendell-Smith AO
Dr Roderick West AM
Dr Guy White AM
Mr Derek Whitehead OAM
Hon. Gough Whitlam AC, QC
Prof. Judith Whitworth AC
E/Prof. Malcolm Whyte AO
Mr Murray Wilcox AO
Prof. Kay Wilhelm AM
A/Prof. Gerardus Willems AM
Mr Evan Williams AM
Dr Robyn Williams AM
Mr Kenneth S. Williamson OAM
Dr David Williamson AO
Prof. Bob Williamson AO
Mr William John Agnew Wills AM
Hon. Ian Wilson AM
Prof. Paul Wilson OAM
Dr Hugh J. Wirth AM, KSJ
Prof. Glenn Withers AO
Dr Alex Wodak AM
Mr Richard Woldendorp AM
Mr Philip Wollen OAM
Dr Gwen Woodroofe OAM
Prof. Beth Woods OAM
Mr Richard Woolcott AC
Mr Hal Wootten AC
Hon. Neville Wran AC, QC
Dr Jack Wynhoven AM
Mr Nick Xynias AO
Mr William H. T. Yarrow AO
Mr Peter Yeldham OAM
E/Prof. David Yencken AO
Ms Simone Young AM
Mr Peter Young AM


Ms Carla Zampatti AC
Prof. John W. Zillman AO
Prof. Paul Zimmet AO
Prof. Leslie Zines AO
Dr Dolph W. Zink AM


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Future Fund nuclear investments

In May 2011 ICAN Australia revealed through freedom of information laws that the government-owned Future Fund had investments worth A$135.4 million in 15 foreign-owned companies involved in the manufacture of US, British, French and Indian nuclear weapons. Earlier that year, the Fund – which was established in 2006 to cover the pension costs of retiring parliamentarians, judges and public servants – announced that it had divested from 10 companies involved in the production of cluster munitions and land mines. But nuclear weapons companies still have not been excluded from its investment portfolio.

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