ICAN Australia in the media

ICAN is a coalition of non-government organisations in one hundred countries advocating for all nations to sign, ratify and implement the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Our work in Australia is focused on building public support and political commitment for this goal.

Below is a list of media releases and news stories featuring Australia and the ban.

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11.06.19  Order of Australia recognition for ICAN co-founders

18.12.18  Labor commits to join the UN nuclear weapon ban treaty

15.12.18  Australia can join nuclear ban treaty and maintain US alliance, say Harvard lawyers

10.12.18  Nobel laureates urge Labor’s national conference to support nuclear weapons ban

03.10.18  Australian Nobel Peace Prize laureates, one year on

17.09.18  ICAN cylists set to arrive in Canberra – with bells, whistles and the Nobel Peace Prize

28.08.18  Nobel Peace Ride treks to Canberra to urge new Foreign Affairs Minister to act on nuclear ban

01.08.18  New Zealand joins nuclear ban treaty; Australia remains opposed

07.03.18  Australian super funds exclude producers of banned nuclear weapons

24.01.18  National tour: atomic bomb survivors call for Australia and Japan to join nuclear ban treaty

17.01.18  Alert: national tour calls for Japanese and Australian Governments to join nuclear weapon ban treaty

10.12.17  Australia’s Nobel Peace Prize recipients call on Australian Government to act now on a nuclear weapons ban

08.12.17  Australian-born ICAN to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize this weekend in Oslo

23.11.17  Foreign Policy White Paper fails on nuclear disarmament

20.11.17  Australian-born Nobel Peace Prize: upcoming award ceremony

23.10.17  Ninety Australian groups call for Government to sign nuclear ban treaty

07.10.17  Press Conference: Nobel Peace Prize 2017

06.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize for 2017

21.09.17  Australia absent as world leaders sign historic UN disarmament treaty

20.09.17  DFAT rooftop protest demands action on nuclear disarmament

15.09.17  It’s time to sign: Australia urged to support UN nuclear weapons ban

10.07.17  Australia must now sign historic UN nuclear weapons ban treaty

10.07.17  Pacific campaigners welcome UN nuclear weapons ban treaty

08.07.17  Historic UN nuclear weapons ban treaty adopted

07.07.17  UN poised to adopt nuclear weapons ban treaty on Friday

04.07.17  UN nuclear weapons ban treaty expected this Friday, 7 July

17.06.17  Australia’s Karina Lester urges UN nuclear weapons ban treaty to recognise impact on Indigenous peoples

15.06.17  Australia urged to end boycott as UN nuclear weapons ban treaty talks begin

13.06.17  UN talks to ban nuclear weapons resume Thursday – without Australia

13.06.17  A call to action for health professionals to work towards a nuclear weapons ban

31.05.17  Australia to watch webcast of UN disarmament negotiations rather than participate

23.05.17  ICAN welcomes draft treaty to ban nuclear weapons

25.03.17  Australia isolated on UN nuclear treaty boycott

22.03.17  Many faiths, one call: Australian faith groups urge action on nuclear weapons ban

16.02.17  Australia’s boycott of UN nuclear disarmament negotiations

24.10.16  United civil society call on UN Day for Australia to support a nuclear weapons ban treaty

26.09.16  Pine Gap: 50 years as Australia’s prime nuclear target

21.06.16  Nuclear bombs to attend Bishop-Plibersek policy debate

20.06.16  Bishop urged to stop weaselling and support ban on nuclear weapons

04.04.16  Australian and Marshall Islander nuclear test survivors demand a ban on nuclear weapons

08.09.15  Abbott faces nuclear test on uranium exports to India

04.12.14  Australian nuclear test survivor to give testimony to over 150 governments in Vienna

02.10.13  ALP’s backflip on nuclear disarmament

20.11.13  AUSMIN talks: time for Australia to end its reliance on US nuclear weapons


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19.06.19  Ruff gets AO Benalla Ensign – Simon Ruppert

10.06.19  Thornbury’s Dimity Hawkins appointed Member of the Order of Australia Herald Sun, Preston Leader

31.05.19  Council backs anti-nuclear campaign Augusta Margaret River Times – Warren Hately

12.04.19  Nobel winner Tilman Ruff in Hobart tonight to speak about banning nuclear weapons The Mercury

11.04.19  Mural a noble message of peace Herald Sun, Preston Leader

18.12.18  Bill Shorten wins cautious agreement on foreign aid, recognising Palestine and nuclear ban treaty Sydney Morning Herald – Michael Koziol

17.12.18  Labor locked in negotiations on nuclear ban treaty The Australian – Primrose Riordan

03.11.18  Nobel calling The Herald Sun – Brigid O’Connell

09.10.18  Canberra trip an important journey for Sue The West Coast Sentinel – Luca Cetta

21.09.18  Kokatha elder says government should ‘change its mind’ on nuclear treaty NITV News – Brooke Fryer

13.09.18  View the Nobel Peace Prize medal in Gundagai, The Gundagai Independent – print only

12.09.18  ICAN Noble Peace Ride: a wheely good cause Yass Tribune – Hannah Sparks

12.09.18  Enlightening Benalla Ensign – Simon Ruppert

10.09.18  Nobel Peace Prize put on show at Albury library as part of bike trip from Melbourne to Canberra The Border Mail – Anthony Bunn

09.09.18  Nobel Peace Prize winners International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons travel through region The Border Mail – Sophie Boyd

07.09.18 ICAN is biking into Benalla this Friday Triple M News – Ebony Reeves

05.09.18  Riding for disarmament Benalla Ensign

03.09.18  Anti-nuclear weapons campaigners on their bikes, nobel peace prize in tow NITV News – Brooke Fryer

02.09.18  Nobel Peace Ride: Cyclists carry medal to Canberra, urging end to nuclear weapons SBS News – Biwa Kwan

02.09.18  Cyclists set out on nuclear ban campaign AAP, Yahoo News, Daily Mail Australia

10.08.18  Treaty of Rarotonga celebrated in Samoa Samoa Observer

09.08.18  Pacific Islands leading the way on global nuclear weapons ban One PNG

29.03.18  Is it okay that some of Australia’s largest unis are investing in weapons Triple J Hack – Avani Dias

03.03.18  Two of us: the Melbourne co-founders of a Nobel Prize-winning movement Good Weekend – Rosamund Burton

28.02.18  Nuclear weapon testing killed and blinded Aussies in our own backyard, but Australia isn’t among the 122 countries that banned them The Women’s Weekly / Now to Love – Kate Wagner

21.02.18  How to dismantle an atomic bomb: a witness to Nagasaki offers a lesson in survival Neighbourhood Paper – Jackie Dent

07.02.18  ‘End of nuclear weapons or end of us’: survivors call on Australia SBS News – Rachel Lockart

05.02.18  US’s new nuclear policy ‘a blueprint for war’, Nobel peace laureate says The Guardian – Ben Doherty

05.02.18  Boat activists want nuclear weapons banned News.com.au – Rachel Gray

05.02.18  Nuclear bomb survivors glide into Sydney on Japan’s Peace Boat SBS News – AAP

20.12.17  Nuclear deterrence a myth The Korea Herald – Choi He-suk

19.12.17  Nobel Prize an honour West Coast Sentinel – Luca Cetta

13.12.17  ‘The birth defects are heart-breaking’: Australia is ‘totally radioactive’ sixty years after Hiroshima-sized nuclear tests, claims fallout survivor The Daily Mail – Sam Duncan

12.12.17  Nobel award for ICAN resonates in nuclear-tested Marshall Islands Pacific Island News Association

12.12.17  Invisible Killer: Australia still ‘totally radioactive’ after Britain laid waste to outback with Hiroshima-sized nuke tests 60 years ago, survivor claims The Sun – Victoria Craw

12.12.17  Australia still ‘totally radioactive’ 60 years after Hiroshima-scale nuclear tests News.com – Victoria Craw

11.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize winner ICAN urges Australia to sign treaty and avoid nuclear disaster SBS News – Biwa Kwan

11.12.17  Nuclear annihilation ‘one tantrum away’, Nobel peace prize winner warns The Guardian – Ben Doherty

11.12.17  ‘Prevent the end of us’: Nuclear powers urged to ban the bomb Sydney Morning Herald – Gwyladys Fouche

11.12.17  Melbourne anti-nuke campaigners vow to continue fight after receiving Nobel Peace Prize The Herald Sun

11.12.17  Aussies’ Nobel Prize ‘straight to the pool room’, now give us global nukes ban The Age – Carolyn Webb

11.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize winner ICAN urges nuclear disaster ‘one tantrum away’, urges nations to adopt treaty ABC News

11.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize: does an Australian-born anti-nuke group’s award achieve anything? ABC News – James Glenday

11.12.17  Australian Nobel Prize winners warn total nuclear annihilation and the deaths of millions is just ‘one tiny tantrum away’ The Daily Mail – Yael Brender

10.12.17  ‘Bittersweet’: Lester family celebrates their contribution to ICAN’s 2017 Nobel Peace Prize win NITV News

10.12.17 Nobel Prize for Australian anti-nuke group Perth Now – Kaitlyn Offer

10.12.17  Melbourne group to accept Nobel Peace Prize Sky News

10.12.17  Australian anti-nuclear group ICAN to accept Nobel Prize in Norway SBS, The Australian

10.12.17  Turnbull Government criticised for not congratulating ICAN on Nobel Peace Prize ABC News – James Glenday

10.12.17  Anti-nuke group slams Malcolm Turnbull for ignoring its Nobel Prize The New Daily – James Glenday

09.12.17  Aus anti-nuke group to accept Nobel Prize AAP, The Daily Telegraph

05.12.17  Call for CSOs to end nuclear use The Fiji Times – Lice Movono

01.12.17  US, UK to snub ban-the-bomb Nobel winners AAP

30.11.17  World spotlight shines on Maralinga horror AAP – Lisa Martin

29.11.17  Yami’s daughters take up anti-nuclear fight National Indigenous Times – Wendy Caccetta

23.11.17  Anti-nuclear campaign wins 2017 Nobel Peace Prize The Northsider – Jo Rittey

26.10.17  Australia’s Nobel Peace Prize winners finally got conrats from the government Buzzfeed – Josh Taylor

24.10.17  A peace prize that’s deserved Red Flag – James Plested

23.10.17  Nobel peace prize winners urge Australia to sign treaty banning nuclear weapons The Guardian – Ben Doherty

23.10.17  Gisborne crane campaign takes flight against nuclear weapons Macedon Ranges Leader – Barry Kennedy

22.10.17  Canberra doctor Sue Wareham part of Nobel peace prize winning team Canberra Times – Finbar O’Mallon

17.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize 2017: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons set to expand Herald Sun, Preston Leader – Ed Gardiner

16.10.17  Locals proud of Nobel prize effort West Coast Sentinel

16.10.17  Peace prize a big win for group Moreland Leader – Emma Hastings

12.10.17  Nobel winner Tim Wright calls for Richard Marles and Sarah Henderson to become nuclear disarmament advocates Geelong Advertiser, Daily Telegraph – Harrison Tippet

11.10.17  Malcolm Turnbull chided for ‘silly’ snub to Nobel peace prize-winning group The Guardian – Oliver Laughland

11.10.17  Australia’s Nobel Peace Prize winners expected a little more love from the PM Buzzfeed – Brad Esposito

10.10.17  ‘Horror, humour and hope’ getting ICAN’s message through nuclear disarmament circus Crikey – Sally Whyte

10.10.17  ICAN’s Nobel Prize an opportunity to revisit disarmament and the US alliance The Canberra Times Editorial, Brisbane Times

09.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize gave Indigenous victims of nuclear arms a platform, campaigner says Buzzfeed – Amy McQuire

09.10.17  Barwon Heads’ own Tim Wright a Nobel Peace Prize laureate after International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins The Advertiser

09.10.17  Nobel prize but PM has no time for peaceniks The Australian – Sean Parnell

09.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize winners snubbed by Australia’s Prime Minister Asian Correspondent – Max Walden

09.10.17  Australian anti-nuclear weapons NGO wins Nobel Peace Prize Probono Australia – Luke Michael

08.10.17  Pine Gap crusaders win Nobel Prize NT News – Hayley Sorensen

08.10.17  Half-a-dozen Melbourne activists to Nobel prize winners: how ICAN is fighting nuclear weapons SBS – Gareth Boreham

07.10.17  Nobel peace prize winners thought it was a hoax The Age – Timna Jacks

07.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize: Aussie-born International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins The Australian

07.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize winners ICAN urge Australia to sign nuclear weapons treaty SBS

07.10.17  International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins Nobel Peace Prize SBS

07.10.17  Nobel Peace Prize awarded to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ABC News

07.10.17  Indigenous anti-nuclear activist tells of her personal work with Nobel Prize-winning ICAN ABC News – Karen Percy

07.10.17  Aussie Nobel Peace Prize winners chuffed as they fight against nuclear weapons The West Australian and News.com – Jacqueline Le

07.10.17  Aussie disarmament group tickled pink its peace work paid off with a Nobel Prize The New Daily – Jacqueline Le

07.10.17  How a Melbourne anti-nuclear campaign won the Nobel Peace Prize The New Daily

07.10.17 What is ICAN and how did it win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize? ABC News – Jessica Haynes

06.10.17  Nobel peace prize awarded to Melbourne-born International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons The Age – Melissa Cunningham

21.09.17  Junko Morimoto, author of My Hiroshima, urged Malcolm Turnbull to sign nuclear weapons ban treaty ABC News – Anna Henderson

21.09.17  Hiroshima survivor from Northbridge gave a final plea to Malcolm Turnbull before passing away North Shore Times – Ben Graham

20.09.17  Antinuclear protestors climb the Department of Foreign Affairs building in Canberra News.com, Perth Now – Claire Bickers

20.09.17  Protestors scale Canberra DFAT building Yahoo News, AAP, SBS – Roje Adaimy

20.09.17  Nations to sign nuclear ban treaty opposed by big powers Voux Magazine – Alfred Griffith

20.09.17  DFAT protestors let off without charge The Australian – Greg Brown

19.09.17  Anti-nuclear weapons protestors scale Australian building The Washington Post, New Jersey Herald, ABC News US, Arab News – Rod McGuirk

06.08.17  Hunter Peace Group marks Hiroshima Day Newcastle Herald – Helen Gregory

10.07.17  Australia’s refusal to join nuclear arms ban treaty “gutting” to Aboriginal victims Buzzfeed – Amy McQuire

10.07.17  ‘Time’s up’: Australia urged to join nuclear weapons ban SBS World News

08.07.17  Australia on ‘wrong side’ of nuclear weapon ban The Australian, AAP – Belinda Merhab

06.07.17  Ludlam, not Australia, in New York for nuclear weapons ban treaty talks SBS – Andrea Nierhoff

24.06.17  Rose and Karina Lester: how illness has driven our anti-nuclear campaign work Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend – Rosamund Burton

22.06.17  South Australian woman Karina Lester presents anti-nuclear speech to United Nations in New York Adelaide Advertiser – Erin Jones

17.06.17  Anti nuclear group to march through city 9 News – AAP

17.06.17  SA rally to call for nuclear weapons ban 9 News – AAP

16.06.17  The government has got ‘amnesia’ when it comes to Australia’s dark nuclear testing history NITV News – Amanda Copp

23.05.17  UN panel releases draft treaty banning possession and use of nuclear weapons The Guardian – Ben Doherty

14.04.17  Art initiative highlights Australia’s conflicted stance on nuclear weapons Nikkei Asian Review – David Hopkins

12.04.17  Maralinga survivor speaks at anti-nuclear UN conference in New York City West Coast Sentinel – Luca Cetta

30.03.17 Survivors speak out as UN negotiations nuke ban Huffington Post – Ariel Conn

30.03.17  The Future of Humanity Depends on Banning Nuclear Weapons Huffington Post – Yves Daccord (ICRC) and Judy Slatyer (Australian Red Cross CEO)

29.03.17  Japan and Australia harshly criticized for no-show at UN nuke ban talks The Japan Times, Manila Bulletin

28.03.17  Australia skips UN nuke-ban treaty talks Herald Sun, Sky News, The Courier Mail, Yarrawonga Chronicle, Pacific Islands News Association – Michelle Nichols, Reuters

28.03.17  Politicians defer position on nuclear ban SBS, NT News – AAP, Pat Griffiths

28.03.17  UN nuclear treaty: Australia plays deputy sheriff as US ‘Sheriff’ baulks at ban The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Examiner, The Courier – Daniel Flitton

28.03.17  Australia, allies skip ‘unrealistic’ nuclear weapons ban treaty talks at the United Nations ABC News, SBS, Radio Australia – ABC/Reuters

28.03.17  Why scientists are signing an open letter calling for a total ban on nuclear weapons ABC News, The Conversation – Toby Walsh and Rob Brooks, UNSW

28.03.17  Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons begin, but Australia joins US boycott The Guardian – Ben Doherty

27.03.17  Harrowing testimony of nuclear bomb test survivor reinforces urgency of ban campaigners Pressenza International Press Agency

26.03.17  Calls for Australia to reverse plans to boycott nuclear weapons talks The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Newcastle Herald – Daniel Flitton

25.03.17  Australia should help ban the bomb  The Age – Editorial, Alex Lavelle

16.02.17  Australia to snub nuclear treaty talks News.com, SBS  – AAP

28.10.16  UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons The Guardian – Ben Doherty

21.08.16  Australia attempts to derail UN plan to ban nuclear weapons The Guardian – Michael Slezak

07.04.16  Legacy of British nuclear tests in focus with national tour NITV News – Andrea Booth


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06.06.19  Breakfast with Paul Culliver ABC North and West SA – Karina Lester

12.04.19  News ABC Hobart – Tilman Ruff

18.12.18  Drive ABC Sydney – Gem Romuld

20.09.18  Afternoons ABC Canberra – Gem Romuld and John Stace

18.09.18  Morning show Yass FM – Gem Romuld and Lavanya Pant

08.09.18  Pedalling peace to Canberra: Nobel Peace Ride launches 3CR Radioactive Show

07.09.18  Central Victorian News ABC – Tilman Ruff

07.09.18  Hit 96.9 Radio Shepparton – Gem Romuld

03.09.18  3NE Radio Benalla – Tilman Ruff

02.09.18  ABC News Radio – Tilman Ruff

02.09.18 SBS News Radio – Gem Romuld

01.09.18  Nobel Peace Ride 3CR Radioactive Show – Tilman Ruff

03.08.18  Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ Radio – Gem Romuld

17.04.18  The Melbourne GP seeking to abolish nuclear weapons ABC Melbourne, Evenings – Margie Beavis

11.04.18  Tilman Ruff brings his Nobel Peace Prize to the studio ABC Melbourne, Conversation House – Tilman Ruff

30.03.18  The Sacred and the political ABC Radio National, Breakfast – Tilman Ruff

12.03.18  Monday Breakfast 3CR Radio – Gem Romuld

02.03.18  Putin announces new “unstoppable” nuclear weapons The Wire – Gem Romuld

02.02.18  Peace Boat sails in to Hobart with anti-nuclear message ABC Radio Hobart, Mornings – Tilman Ruff

17.01.18  Professor Tilman Ruff, the man behind the 2017 Nobel peace prize ABC Radio National, Nightlife – Tilman Ruff

07.01.18  Sunday Lunch RRR – Ruth Mitchell

25.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 3CR Radio’s Women on the Line – Karina Lester, Vanessa Griffen, Gem Romuld

13.12.17  Overnights with Trevor Chappell, Rod Quin ABC Radio National – Margie Beavis

13.12.17  Wednesday Breakfast 3CR Radio – Gem Romuld

11.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize winner ICAN warns nuclear disaster ‘one tantrum away’ SBS World News Radio – Richard Tanter

11.12.17  Mornings with David Bevan ABC Adelaide – Karina Lester

11.12.17  Mornings with Wendy Harmer ABC Sydney – Tilman Ruff

11.12.17  Nobel Peace Prize winner takes on nuclear weapons 3AW Breakfast – Margie Beavis

11.12.17  ICAN presented with Nobel Peace Prize ABC Radio National, Breakfast – Tim Wright

11.12.17  Mornings with Jon Faine ABC Melbourne – Margie Beavis

11.12.17  Mornings with Genevieve Jacobs ABC Canberra – Sue Wareham

11.12.17  Pacific plays key role in bid to ban nukes Radio New Zealand – Vanessa Griffen

11.12.17 2GB News Gem Romuld

10.12.17 2GB News Richard Tanter

01.12.17  Radioactive Show 3CR Radio – Gem Romuld

22.11.17  Pine Gap peace pilgrims prosecuted ABC Radio National, Late Night Live – Richard Tanter

10.11.17  Subject ACT 2XX Radio – Sue Wareham

17.10.17  NITV Radio NITV – Tilman Ruff and Margie Beavis

14.10.17  #warstartshere + ICAN Nobel Peace Prize 3CR Radioactive Show – Gem Romuld

11.10.17  NITV Radio NITV – Karina Lester and Margie Beavis

10.10.17  Mornings ABC Radio Canberra – Tilman Ruff

09.10.17  Uncommon Sense 3RRR- Tim Wright

09.10.17  Canberra News 2CC Radio – Sue Wareham

09.10.17  Anti-nuclear campaign wins Nobel Peace Prize ABC Radio National, Breakfast – Tilman Ruff

09.10.17  Mornings ABC Radio Melbourne with Jon Faine – Tilman Ruff

09.10.17  Nobel Prize win a welcome surprise for Marshall Islands’ anti-nuclear campaigner ABC Pacific Beat – Abacca Anjain-Maddison

09.10.17  6PR Radio – Tilman Ruff

20.09.17  Canberra News 2CC Radio – Sue Wareham

20.09.17  Wednesday Breakfast 3CR Radio – Margie Beavis

30.08.17  Breakfast with Simon Lauder ABC South East – Gem Romuld

30.07.17  Global nuclear ban – honouring father’s legacy ABC, Speaking Out – Karina Lester

29.07.17  Yami Lester tribute show and NY weapons ban 3CR, Radioactive Show – Tim Wright

09.07.17  Armed nuclear states under pressure after the signing of UN nuclear weapons treaty ABC Pacific Beat – Vanessa Griffen

09.07.17  Nightlife ABC Radio National – Tilman Ruff

03.07.17  The Grapevine RRR – Tilman Ruff

08.07.17  North Korea and the threat of nuclear weapons 2GB, Mike Williams Overnight – Richard Tanter

06.07.17  Richard Tanter on North Korea 2GB, Nights with Steve Price – Richard Tanter

28.06.17  Evenings with Peter Goers ABC Radio Adelaide – Karina Lester

25.06.17  Nightlife ABC Radio National – Tilman Ruff

24.06.17  Sydney protest against Australia’s boycott of nuclear ban KBR Radio, Asia Calling – Rose Lester, Helen Caldicott, Gem Romuld

20.06.17  Why doesn’t Australia want to ban nukes? ABC Radio National, Late Night Live – Tilman Ruff and Karina Lester

19.06.17  UN nuclear weapons ban 4ZZZ Brisbane Zedlines

19.06.17  Anti-nuke protestors active in Canberra  2CC Canberra Live – Chris Coleman and Keith Suter

16.06.17  Pacific countries push for nuclear weapon ban at UN talks ABC Pacific Beat – Vanessa Griffen

14.06.17  Breakfast ABC Radio Adelaide – Tilman Ruff

14.06.17  Understorey: the problem with (nuclear weapons) luck RTR FM 92.1 – Elizabeth ‘Po, Adrian Glamorgan and Eric Schlosser

13.06.17  UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017  The Wire – Karina Lester

07.06.17  3CR Wednesday Breakfast 3CR Radio – Tim Wright

26.05.17  Behind the Lines 2XX Radio Canberra – Senator Scott Ludlam, Bishop Pat Power, Kathryn Kelly, Senator Lisa Singh, Gem Romuld

25.04.17  Uncommon Sense with Amy Mullins RRR Radio Melbourne – Tim Wright

19.04.17  Mornings with Ali Clarke: Nuclear War ABC Radio Adelaide – Tilman Ruff

19.04.17  Living Black SBS Radio – Tilman Ruff and Karina Lester

16.04.17  Earth Matters: Nuclear legacies and a new chance to end the nuclear age 3CR Radio – Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Setsuko Thurlow and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

08.04.17  Radioactive Show: Banning the bomb 3CR Radio – Tilman Ruff and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

05.04.17  Understorey: Bans in the balance RTR FM – Sue Wareham and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

02.04.17  3CR’s Alternative News – Gem Romuld, Sue Coleman-Haseldine

30.03.17  Australia among the missing at UN nuclear disarmament conference SBS Radio – Richard Tanter, story by Amanda Copp

29.03.17  Fears world is on the verge of a ‘new cold war’ ABC Radio National, Breakfast – Tilman Ruff

28.03.17  Australia boycotts disarmament conference ABC Radio National, Late Night Live – Tim Wright and Richard Tanter

26.03.17  The haste with nuclear waste and the waste of nuclear weapons Radio Adelaide – Dave Sweeney

24.03.17 3CR Breakfast – Richard Tanter

11.04.14 Julie Bishop says banning nuclear weapons is impractical ABC, The World Today – Tilman Ruff, story by Tanya Nolan


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18.04.19  NITV News – story on new ICAN mural, featuring Karina Lester

12.04.19  News Channel 7 Hobart – story on Hobart event, featuring Tilman Ruff

20.09.18  SBS World News

07.09.18  WIN News Shepparton

02.08.18  Calls for Australia to follow NZ in ratifying nuclear weapon-banning treaty Sky News – featuring Tim Wright

12.06.18  The World ABC – featuring Tilman Ruff

31.03.18  ABC News (SA) – featuring Tim Wright and the Radioactive Exposure Tour.

07.03.18  Matter of Face with Stan Grant ABC – featuring Tilman Ruff

25.01.18  Doomsday Clock now closest to midnight since Cold War ABC News – featuring Tilman Ruff

11.12.17  Australian anti-nuke group ICAN to accept Nobel Prize in Norway SBS News

11.12.17  SBS World News

11.12.17  Australian group takes out Nobel Peace Prize Channel 7 News

10.12.17  ABC News, including broadcast of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

03.11.17  Aust ‘indirectly supporting’ nuclear weapons Sky News Australia – featuring Sue Coleman-Haseldine and Tilman Ruff

19.10.17  “The world without nuclear” NHK News – featuring Sue Coleman-Haseldine

10.10.17  The Point NITV News – featuring Karina Lester

09.10.17  BTN Top Stories: Nobel Peace Prize ABC Behind the News

08.10.17  Sunrise Channel 7 – Tilman Ruff

07.10.17  Anti-nuclear group wins Nobel Peace Prize Sky News Australia

06.10.17  Nuclear Ban Group ICAN Wins Nobel Peace Prize as Trump Threatens to End Iran Deal & Nuke North Korea Democracy Now! – Tim Wright

06.10.17  ABC News and The World – featuring Tim Wright, Tilman Ruff and Nobel Peace Prize win

20.09.17  SBS World News SBS – featuring Canberra DFAT protest

05.07.17  Lateline: interview with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam – ABC

17.06.17  SBS World News SBS – featuring Sydney rally and Karina Lester at the UN

15.06.17  NITV News National Indigenous Television – Rosemary Lester

01.04.17  Broadcast of Australian Institute of International Affairs NSW event, Australia’s Public Affairs Channel – Robert Tickner and Gem Romuld

28.03.17  Coverage of ban negotiations and Canberra protest, ABC News, Perth and Canberra

29.03.17  Albanese slams government for skipping UN nuclear ban talks SBS World News – Tilman Ruff, Anthony Albanese, protest in Canberra; story by Jarni Blakkarly, Abbie O’Brien


[show_hide title=”Journals, Letters and Opinion”]

10.06.19  Swinburne community recognised in Queen’s Birthday 2019 Honours List Swinburne University News

03.06.19  Letter: ban above politics The Australian – Robert Tickner

20.03.19  Faculty commemorates ICAN’s Melbourne origins University of Melbourne

23.01.18  The race against time to end nuclear weapons Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal – Tilman Ruff

28.12.18  The Cold War is back. Labor is right to support a nuclear ban treaty The Guardian – Tilman Ruff

27.12.18  Labor sets the right course on nuclear disarmament Sydney Morning Herald – Gem Romuld

10.12.18  It’s time: why Labor must join the global push to outlaw nuclear weapons Sydney Morning Herald – Robert Tickner

20.09.18  On the road (for 900kms) to a nuclear ban treaty: ICAN urges Australia to sign up Croakey – Marie McInerney

08.09.18  ICAN Nobel Peace Prize Ride: On the road to a future free of nuclear weapons The Illawarra Mercury, The Border Mail, The Courier, Bega District News, Queensland Country Life, Maitland Mercury, The Newcastle Herald – Gem Romuld and Lavanya Pant

28.08.18  Gem Romuld and the Nobel Peace Ride The Australian Women’s Weekly, Now to Love – Holly Royce

12.07.18  The nuclear weapons ban treaty one year on Australian Outlook – Tilman Ruff

11.07.18  Update: we can win a nuclear weapons ban treaty NTEU Advocate – Jeannie Rae

01.05.18  Nuclear treaty a Nobel effort for MLS alumnus MLS News – Bess Keaney

26.04.18  Letters: Weapons of preference The Canberra Times – Sue Wareham

16.04.18  Letters: There are weapons worse than chemical ones The Age – Margie Beavis

16.03.18  Partnerships between universities and arms manufacturers raise thorny ethical questions The Conversation – Tilman Ruff and Alex Edney-Browne

09.02.18  Yes, ICAN Big Issue Australia – Michael Eppis

05.02.18  A global peace movement Australian Catholics – Kaitlyn Fasso-Opie

29.01.18  Nuclear weapons – Australia stands on the wrong side of history Right Now – Tilman Ruff

01.01.17  Opinion: Nuclear disarmament unrealistic? So is keeping the bombs and surviving The Canberra Times, The Brisbane Times – Margaret Beavis

19.12.17  Opinion: Talking point- PM silent on Nobel prize when world needs him to speak up The Mercury – Peter Boyer

19.12.17  The UN nuclear ban treaty is historic on five counts The Interpreter – Ramesh Thakur

13.12.17  Letters: Nuclear Weapons – we should be proud of our Nobel peace prize The Age

11.12.17  How an Australian-born grassroots movement won the Nobel Peace Prize Women’s Agenda – Georgina Dent

11.12.17  Winning the Nobel peace prize confirms my life’s mission to help end nuclear weapons The Guardian – Tilman Ruff

11.12.17  Will the Nobel Peace Prize change Australia’s double speak? Pearls and Irritations – Margie Beavis

11.12.17  A pub in Carlton: the story of Australia’s first Nobel Peace Prize Medical Journal of Australia: Insight – Ruth Mitchell and Marcus Yip

10.12.17  Meet Felicity Ruby, Australia Nobel Women’s Initiative

09.12.17  My people are still suffering from Australia’s secret nuclear testing The Sydney Morning Herald – Sue Coleman-Haseldine

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