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Residents of Pokhran by Shweta Desai

The questionable legacy of India’s nuclear tests

For some Pokhran, India, residents nearby explosions are so common that one man said, “we don’t even register them anymore.” The villages near the Pokhran testing range are where the military tests explosives every day. But even with the constant barrage, two incidents stand out: the so-called ‘Smiling Buddha’ test of 1974 and the series of tests between May 11 to 13, 1998. The forgotten, tragic reality of underground nuclear tests Starting after the 1974 ... Read More


Courtesy of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 | sight magazine

These 7 peace activists face 25 years in prison for taking peaceful action at a U.S. nuclear submarine base

On August 7, 2019, the seven Catholic Peace activists facing up to 25 years in U.S. prison for their symbolic, non-violent action in the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in April 2018 are scheduled to appear in federal court for oral arguments. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons reiterates the call for all charges against these peaceful activists to be dismissed. “What kind of world are leaving our children? Now is a good time ... Read More


INF Treaty between US and Russia expires

The INF Treaty’s definitive collapse: dawn of a new nuclear arms race?

Today, 2 August 2019, the governments of the US and Russia have missed a troubling deadline: the end of the six-month notice period that began when both countries announced their withdrawal from the INF Treaty earlier this year. 2017 Nobel Peace Laureate ICAN – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – deplores the irresponsible destruction of the INF Treaty and calls on the United States and Russia to:  uphold international law, including international humanitarian law; ... Read More

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Clean up efforts at Hanford

Part 2: Hanford’s Dirty Secret– 25,000 years and $80 billion dollars

Part 2: Hanford is the most toxic site in the United States. Why is the cleanup plan destined for failure? In 2017, the Hanford Waste Management Site, Washington, was suddenly evacuated. A radioactive waste storage tunnel, built in 1965, had collapsed and the fallout was unknown. Hanford holds the waste from most of the US’s weapons-grade plutonium, about 56 million gallons of radioactive sludge in decrepit tanks. Fortunately, the tunnel only housed old, contaminated railroad ... Read More

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trinity blast

‘I am Become Death’ comes to Tularosa Basin: The Trinity Test 74 years later

“At the age of 11… I heard a very large blast and saw a very big flash of light. I got so scared, I thought, ‘the world is coming to an end.’ Then I saw what looked like a large, big, black, giant ball of smoke. It was huge and moving, going higher and higher…” On this day 74 years ago, Henry Herrera witnessed the first ever nuclear detonation from his Tularosa home near Alamogordo, ... Read More

  • aiweiwei

    “Let’s act up! Ban nuclear weapons completely and unconditionally.”

    Ai Weiwei Artist and activist

  • sheen

    “If Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, they would be part of ICAN.”

    Martin Sheen Actor and activist

  • bankimoon

    “I salute ICAN for working with such commitment and creativity.”

    Ban Ki-moon Former UN chief

  • yokoono

    “We can do it together. With your help, our voice will be made still stronger. Imagine peace.”

    Yoko Ono Artist

  • jodywilliams

    “Governments say a nuclear weapons ban is unlikely. Don’t believe it. They said the same about a mine ban treaty.”

    Jody Williams Nobel laureate

  • desmondtutu

    “With your support, we can take ICAN its full distance – all the way to zero nuclear weapons.”

    Desmond Tutu Nobel laureate

  • herbiehancock

    “Because I cannot tolerate these appalling weapons, I whole-heartedly support ICAN.”

    Herbie Hancock Jazz musician

  • dalailama

    “I can imagine a world without nuclear weapons, and I support ICAN.”

    Dalai Lama Nobel laureate