Nuclear Abolition Day 2014 national activities

October 2, 2014

To mark the first International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, ICAN organises Nuclear Abolition Day on 26 September 2014. The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly last year to enhance ‘public awareness and education about the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons and the necessity for their total elimination’, and takes place only two months before the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons. This is a list of national campaign activities carried out by ICAN’s partner organisations on Nuclear Abolition Day 2014:

+ African Council of Religious Leaders—Religions for Peace (ACRL—RfP)

ICAN’s partner in Kenya, ACRL-RfP, organised a round table meeting on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and the prospects for a ban in Nairobi.
+ Asociación Para Políticas Públicas (APP)

ICAN’s partner in Argentina, APP, organised a series of public meetings in Buenos Aires in the run-up to and on Nuclear Abolition Day.
+ Cehum-Aletheia

ICAN’s partner in Chile, Cehum-Aletheia, organised a seminar for the International and Human Security Department of The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Santiago Chile. The event took place in the Diplomatic Academy and saw the participation from diplomats, congressmen, Defense Ministry officials, researchers, students and civil society representants.
+ Center for Peace Education

ICAN’s partner in the Philippines, Center for Peace Education, organised a concert with songs of peace, love and the need for social change.
+ Colonie des Pionniers de Developpement CPD

ICAN’s partner in Burundi, Colonie des Pionniers de Developpement, organised a workshop for ministry of affairs officials, student and journalists on the importance of nuclear abolition.


ICAN’s Partner in Belgium, CAPND, compiled a survey which indicates that 6 in 10 people nationally want nuclear weapons out of Belgium:
+ FemLINK Pacific

ICAN’s partner in Fiji, FemLINK Pacific organised an exhibition for a variety of actors, including journalists, diplomats, civil society actors and bloggers.

+ FNB Nepal

ICAN’s partner in Nepal, Forum for National Building, released a press release highlighting the  on the 26th of September
+ FundiPau

ICAN’s partner in Spain, FundiPau, organised a street action with drummers (!) in Barcelona and launched 69 balloons in the shape of peace doves in memory of the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings from a boat.
+ Gensuikyo

ICAN Partner in Japan, Gensuikyo, along with the United Nations Information Centre, the City of Nagasaki and the City of Hiroshima  held an event at the House of Representatives. Speakers included Rie Arima (reading before an audience), Michiko Kodama and Terumi Tanaka (testimonies by hibakusha), Annette Note (deputy chief of mission at the Marshall Islands Embassy in Japan), Armando Arriaga Ochoategui (Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at the Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan), Masakazu Yasui (secretary general of Gensuikyo)
+ ICAN Australia

ICAN Australia launched a brand new “Nuclear umbrella” song, hosted a film screening and a panel discussion.

ICAN Australia also published an op-ed entitled A day to demand that the world wake up and avert nuclear doom, which notes that the “Nuclear club makes mockery of disarmament” and urges negotiations for a treaty banning nuclear weapons as the logical next step to achieve progress in nuclear disarmament. Check it out at

+ ICAN Bahrain

ICAN’s Partner in Bahrain, ICAN Bahrain, organised a press release which was sent to all local newspapers and called the public for participation in the #thecourangeto. They also made some noise in the social media and called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the Vienna conference.

+ ICAN France

ICAN France organised a meeting in Paris on September 25th to discuss the humanitarian initiative and the role of civil society in nuclear disarmament.

+ ICAN Norway

Campaigners from ICAN Norway encouraged NRK, to publish an article on their website about NAD, the need for a treaty banning nuclear weapons and about the Vienna Conference.
+ ICAN Turkey

ICAN’s partners in Turkey planned a press conference on the need for a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

ICAN’s partners in the United Kingdom launched a short film to highlight the dangerous nuclear warhead convoys which travel the country by motorway and pass through the cities of some of the participants at the ICAN Action Academy, organised in Berlin in September 2014.
+ Institute of International Studies

ICAN’s partner in Indonesia, Institute for International Studies, will organise a bicycle tour for a ban. Look out for some excellent photos!
+ IPPNW Costa Rica

ICAN’s Partner in Costa Rica, IPPNW Costa Rica, have urged congresspeople in the Costa Rican National Assembly to lodge a motion in the Costa Rican parliament to support the day.

+ IPPNW Germany

ICAN’s Partner in Germany, IPPNW Germany, organised an action week for Don’t Bank on The Bomb (“Atomwaffen – ein Bombengeschäft”) which started on the 26th of September. 21 actions in 15 cities are scheduled. IPPNW Germany also organised an online action – #banks4bombs. Pictures can be seen here:

+ IPPNW Greece

ICAN’s partner in Greece, IPPNW Greece, have sent a letter to the Greek minister of foreign affairs to inform him about Nuclear Abolition Day and urge Greece to support negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

+ IPPNW Italy

ICAN’s Partner in Italy, IPPNW Italy, created a dedicated page to track activities and highlight Nuclear Abolition Day and the need for a treaty banning nuclear weapons :

+ IPPNW Norway

ICAN’s Partner in Norway, IPPNW Norway, was interviewed on the news on Norway’s biggest radio station (The Norwegian Broadcasting Organisation – NRK) and spoke about NAD

+ IPPNW Sweden

ICAN’s Partners in Sweden, IPPNW Sweden, collected signatures for support of a ban treaty and handed out a lot of information on nuclear disarmament, humanitarian impact and a ban.

+ Israeli Disarmament Movement

ICAN’s Partner in Israel, The Israeli Disarmament Movement, placed a big mushroom cloud in front of the national theatre in Tel Aviv, and invited supporters and passing people to take a picture under the cloud and then post it on their facebook pages, Instagram and twitter with the permition to post it on the Israeli Disarmament Movement’s page.

+ Japan NGO Network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition

Japan NGO network for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, organised an exchange of opinions between Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NGOs on Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

+ Norwegian Peoples Aid

ICAN’s partner in Norway, Norwegian People’s Aid, will organise a breakfast meeting in Oslo with Richard Lennane form Wildfire.
+ NZ Peace Foundation

ICAN Partner NZ Peace Foundation will hold a cultural event honouring the 27th year of Nuclear Free New Zealand legislation. It will feature leading veteran peace activists, young peace workers and former Mayor for Peace Bob Harvey. The event is a collaboration of the NZ Peace Foundation with Auckland Peace City Council and the Waitakere/Whau Local Boards. There will be musical performances, speeches, children’s peace art activities and the SGINZ/ICAN Peace exhibition for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons will be on display. The superb Nuclear Free NZ Peace City documentary DVD will be shown which illustrates the living spirit of the UN Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. The event will be a community opportunity to celebrate New Zealand’s leadership role and historic struggle to achieve and maintain a Nuclear Free Zone policy for the benefit of humanity.

+ Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

ICAN’s Partner in the USA, NAPF, will host a film screening in Santa Barbara. This ‘Shock-umentary’ will illuminate the history of nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands and explain why they chose to file the #NuclearZero lawsuits. Watch the film preview at

+ PCU Nagasaki Council for Nuclear Weapons & Research Center for NWA

ICAN’s Partners in Japan, PCU Nagasaki Council for Nuclear Weapons & Research Center for NWA, organised a conference on the 18th of September: Denuclearisation in Northeast Asia and the World. A speech was given by Jayantha Dhanapala (former Under-Secretary-General at UN, the President of the Pugwash Conferences). 130 people participated in the event

+ Peace Boat

ICAN Partners Peace Boat will organise an event in Tokyo to mark the publishing of the new book “Banning Nuclear Weapons” (“Kakuheiki wo kinshi suru”) by Peace Boat Executive Committee Member and International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Steering Group Member Kawasaki Akira, and also include announcements about Peace Boat’s upcoming project together with Mayors for Peace, “I was her age.”
+ Physicians for Global Survival (Canada)

ICAN Partner in Canada, Physicians for Global Survival, will be reaching out to, particularly, student populations with QR code flyers through which they can reach links for more information about the threat of nuclear weapons.

ICAN’s Partner in Nigeria, PAMAI, will hold an awareness seminar scheduled for 26 September 2014 in Abuja. 
The seminar will build upon previous meetings with House Committee members on Defence and Foreign Affairs, Senate Committees on Defence and Foreign Affairs and the MFA and the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

+ Physicians for Social Responsibility

On Nuclear Abolition Day, Physicians for Social Responsibility generated 2993 emails to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to send an official United States delegation to constructively participate in the 3rd Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons Conference in Vienna.

+ Poverty and Associated Maladies Alleviation Initiative (PAMAI)

ICAN’s Partner in Nigeria, PAMAI, held an awareness seminar scheduled for 26 September 2014 in Abuja.
The seminar will build upon previous meetings with House Committee members on Defence and Foreign Affairs, Senate Committees on Defence and Foreign Affairs and the MFA and the Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Authority.
+ PSR-Bangladesh, Student Chapter

ICAN’s Partner in Bangladesh, PSR Bangladesh (Student Chapter) will organise a round table to raise awareness of the catastrophic humanitarian harm caused by nuclear weapons and garner support for a new ban treaty among civil society organisation, parliamentarians and government officials.

+ Red de Sobrevivientes

ICAN’s partner in El Salvador will be giving talks about the impact of nuclear weapons to students and academics of two universities in El Salvador. They will also have a meeting with the Vice Minister of the Foreign Affairs Ministry to encourage him to continue to support the process and participate in the conference Vienna.

+ Rete Italiana per il Disarmo

ICAN’s partner in Italy, Rete Italiana per il Disarmo, organised a press release calling for participation at the Vienna Conference and noting the numerous reasons in favour of a ban. :
+ SGI in Sweden

The Swedish affiliate of ICAN Partner SGI, will hold a lecture and seminar to raise awareness about the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons and the need to eliminate them totally. The keynote speak will be delivered by Rolf Ekeus, former ambassador and Chairman of the UN Special Commission on Iraq’s disarmament UNSCOM – United Nations Special Commission.

+ SGI in Canada

The Canadian affiliate of ICAN Partner SGI held an exhibition of the Everything You Treasure: For a World Free From Nuclear Weapons

ICAN’s Partner in Ethiopia, SRaRO, will hold a meeting with officials from the MFA to encourage them to get ready for Vienna conference and to support calls for a ban on nuclear weapons.
+ Tri-Valley CAREs

ICAN’s Partner in USA, Tri-Valley CAREs will hold a Nuclear Abolition Vigil at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab on Friday. Vigil will be led by Marcus Page and Chelsea Collogne. Tri-Valley CAREs, Trinity Nuclear Abolition and Earth Abides Catholic Worker are among the participating groups.

+ Tunisian Institute for Human Rights

ICAN Partner, Tunisian institute for Human Rights (TIHRS), organized a series of regional town hall meeting in Tunis, Bizerte, Jendouba, and Al Kef. Through these town hall meetings, we raised awareness among all segments of civil society and mobilized them to action. Through widespread collaboration with Tunisian civil society, our NGO will work towards achieving universal human rights by promoting this imperative ban on nuclear weapons.

+ UN Youth Association – Romania

ICAN’s partner in Romania, UN Youth Association – Romania, took to social media to create buzz for NAD and demonstrate the widespread support among Romanians for a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

+ Visions solidaires

ICAN’s Partner in Togo, Visions Solidaires, released a press release highlighting a recent string of meetings and roundtables in the region and recognising the importance of Nuclear Abolition Day in raising awareness about the importance of the focus on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons.

+ WILPF Sweden, IPPNW Sweden and Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

ICAN’s Partners in Sweden, WILPF Sweden, IPPNW Sweden and Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society published an op-ed:

+ World without Wars and Violence in Prague

World without Wars and Violence in Prague, organised a samba flashmob event to raise awareness of the international day for the elimination of nuclear weapons :

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