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ICAN is a coalition of non-government organisations in one hundred countries advocating for a strong and effective nuclear weapon ban treaty. Our work in Australia is focused on building public support and political commitment for this goal. Below is a list of media releases and news stories featuring Australia and the ban.


+ News Online

17.06.17  Anti nuclear group to march through city 9 News – AAP

17.06.17  SA rally to call for nuclear weapons ban 9 News – AAP

16.06.17  The government has got ‘amnesia’ when it comes to Australia’s dark nuclear testing history NITV News – Amanda Copp

23.05.17  UN panel releases draft treaty banning possession and use of nuclear weapons The Guardian – Ben Doherty

14.04.17  Art initiative highlights Australia’s conflicted stance on nuclear weapons Nikkei Asian Review – David Hopkins

12.04.17  Maralinga survivor speaks at anti-nuclear UN conference in New York City West Coast Sentinel – Luca Cetta

30.03.17 Survivors speak out as UN negotiations nuke ban Huffington Post – Ariel Conn

30.03.17  The Future of Humanity Depends on Banning Nuclear Weapons Huffington Post – Yves Daccord (ICRC) and Judy Slatyer (Australian Red Cross CEO)

29.03.17  Japan and Australia harshly criticized for no-show at UN nuke ban talks The Japan Times, Manila Bulletin

28.03.17  Australia skips UN nuke-ban treaty talks Herald Sun, Sky News, The Courier Mail, Yarrawonga Chronicle, Pacific Islands News Association – Michelle Nichols, Reuters

28.03.17  Politicians defer position on nuclear ban SBS, NT News – AAP, Pat Griffiths

28.03.17  UN nuclear treaty: Australia plays deputy sheriff as US ‘Sheriff’ baulks at ban The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Examiner, The Courier – Daniel Flitton

28.03.17  Australia, allies skip ‘unrealistic’ nuclear weapons ban treaty talks at the United Nations ABC News, SBS, Radio Australia – ABC/Reuters

28.03.17  Why scientists are signing an open letter calling for a total ban on nuclear weapons ABC News, The Conversation – Toby Walsh and Rob Brooks, UNSW

28.03.17  Negotiations to ban nuclear weapons begin, but Australia joins US boycott The Guardian – Ben Doherty

27.03.17  Harrowing testimony of nuclear bomb test survivor reinforces urgency of ban campaigners Pressenza International Press Agency

26.03.17  Calls for Australia to reverse plans to boycott nuclear weapons talks The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Newcastle Herald – Daniel Flitton

25.03.17  Australia should help ban the bomb  The Age – Editorial, Alex Lavelle

16.02.17  Australia to snub nuclear treaty talks, SBS  – AAP

28.10.16  UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons The Guardian – Ben Doherty

21.08.16  Australia attempts to derail UN plan to ban nuclear weapons The Guardian – Michael Slezak

07.04.16  Legacy of British nuclear tests in focus with national tour NITV News – Andrea Booth

+ Radio

20.06.17  Why doesn’t Australia want to ban nukes? ABC Radio National, Late Night Live – Tilman Ruff and Karina Lester

19.06.17  Anti-nuke protestors active in Canberra  2CC Canberra Live – Chris Coleman and Keith Suter

16.06.17  Pacific countries push for nuclear weapon ban at UN talks ABC Pacific Beat – Vanessa Griffen

14.06.17  Breakfast ABC Radio Adelaide – Tilman Ruff

14.06.17  Understorey: the problem with (nuclear weapons) luck RTR FM 92.1 – Elizabeth ‘Po, Adrian Glamorgan and Eric Schlosser

13.06.17  UN votes to outlaw nuclear weapons in 2017  The Wire – Karina Lester

07.06.17  3CR Wednesday Breakfast 3CR Radio – Tim Wright

26.05.17  Behind the Lines 2XX Radio Canberra – Senator Scott Ludlam, Bishop Pat Power, Kathryn Kelly, Senator Lisa Singh, Gem Romuld

25.04.17  Uncommon Sense with Amy Mullins RRR Radio Melbourne – Tim Wright

19.04.17  Mornings with Ali Clarke: Nuclear War ABC Radio Adelaide – Tilman Ruff

19.04.17  Living Black SBS Radio – Tilman Ruff and Karina Lester

16.04.17  Earth Matters: Nuclear legacies and a new chance to end the nuclear age 3CR Radio – Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Setsuko Thurlow and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

08.04.17  Radioactive Show: Banning the bomb 3CR Radio – Tilman Ruff and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

05.04.17  Understorey: Bans in the balance RTR FM – Sue Wareham and Sue Coleman-Haseldine

02.04.17  3CR’s Alternative News – Gem Romuld, Sue Coleman-Haseldine

30.03.17  Australia among the missing at UN nuclear disarmament conference SBS Radio – Richard Tanter, story by Amanda Copp

29.03.17  Fears world is on the verge of a ‘new cold war’ ABC Radio National, Breakfast – Tilman Ruff

28.03.17  Australia boycotts disarmament conference ABC Radio National, Late Night Live – Tim Wright and Richard Tanter

26.03.17  The haste with nuclear waste and the waste of nuclear weapons Radio Adelaide – Dave Sweeney

24.03.17 3CR Breakfast – Richard Tanter

11.04.14 Julie Bishop says banning nuclear weapons is impractical ABC, The World Today – Tilman Ruff, story by Tanya Nolan

+ Television

17.06.17  SBS World News SBS – Featuring Sydney rally and Karina Lester at the UN

15.06.17  NITV News National Indigenous Television – Rosemary Lester

01.04.17  Broadcast of Australian Institute of International Affairs NSW event, Australia’s Public Affairs Channel – Robert Tickner and Gem Romuld

28.03.17  Coverage of ban negotiations and Canberra protest, ABC News, Perth and Canberra

29.03.17  Albanese slams government for skipping UN nuclear ban talks SBS World News – Tilman Ruff, Anthony Albanese, protest in Canberra; story by Jarni Blakkarly, Abbie O’Brien

+ Journals, Letters and Opinion

14.06.17  A call to action for health professionals to work towards a nuclear weapons ban Croakey – Sue Wareham

10.06.17  Talking point: Tasmanians can join UN bid to ban nuclear weapons The Mercury – Linley Grant

07.06.17  Australia’s Double-Standard When It Comes To Regional Security Has Gone Nuclear Huffington Post – Margaret Beavis and Sue Wareham

31.05.17  Nuclear ban treaty progresses, despite US-led objections Lowy Interpreter – Tim Wright

30.05.17  The Future is Not Ours Sisters of St Joseph News – Sue Coleman-Haseldine and Michele Madigan

30.04.17  Letter: Silence is deafening The Age – Sue Wareham

26.04.17  Letter: North Korea- by opposing UN we have increased insecurity  The Age – Tim Wright

25.04.17  If you abhor chemical attacks, support a ban on nuclear weapons, published in the Ban Brief of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Tim Wright

25.04.17  Letter: Do as you say, Julie The Age and Sydney Morning Herald – Margaret Beavis

21.04.17  Letter: Leaders too unfit to ‘deter’ The Canberra Times – Sue Wareham

30.03.17  Australia boycotts nuclear weapon talks like US The Science Times – Jaswin S. Singh

29.03.17  Don’t obstruct efforts to ban nuclear weapons The Japan Times – Ramesh Thakur

29.03.17  Banning nuclear weapons for humanity’s sake The Jakarta Post – Ramesh Thakur

29.03.17  Nuclear disarmament Pearls and Irritations – Bishop Pat Power

28.03.17  Back to Bikini, forward to disarmament Pacific Islands News Association – Nic Maclellan

27.03.17  UN disarmament negotiations: Australia out in the cold Insights – Mat Kelly

23.03.17  Is Australia violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty? Lowy Interpreter – Tim Wright

20.03.17  Nuclear weapons ban: engage or enrage? Australian Institute of International Affairs – John Carlson

15.03.17  Letter: Australia’s nuclear stance not exactly popular in our region The Canberra Times – Sue Wareham

25.02.17  Australia to boycott United Nations nuclear disarmament negotiations Green Left Weekly – Kerry Smith

23.02.17  Wanted: a new policy on nuclear weapons The Strategist – Tim Wright

22.02.17  Comment: Australia’s unprecedented decision to snub nuclear talks is irresponsible The Sydney Morning Herald – Paul Barratt and Sue Wareham

17.02.17  Logic Meltdown: Turnbull Government won’t participate in negotiations to ban nuclear weapons New Matilda – Gem Romuld

01.02.17  Comment: With Donald Trump in power, Australia urgently needs to re-evaluate its US bases The Sydney Morning Herald – Margaret Beavis

29.12.16  Comment: Why is Australia not fully behind efforts to prohibit nuclear weapons? The Sydney Morning Herald – Sue Wareham

18.12.16  Comment: Despite Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the world is closer to banning nuclear weapons The Sydney Morning Herald – Margaret Beavis

16.11.16  As the world pushes for a ban on nuclear weapons, Australia votes to stay on the wrong side of history The Conversation – Tilman Ruff

02.11.16  Letter: Subservience to US over nuclear weapons dangerous path to follow The Canberra Times – Sue Wareham

08.10.16  Peace activists converge to close Pine Gap Green Left Weekly – Kerry Smith

26.08.16  Australia’s stance on nuclear deterrence leaves it on the wrong side of history The Conversation – Dimity Hawkins and Julie Kimber

23.08.16  Australia writes itself out of nuclear disarmament diplomacy Lowy Interpreter – Richard Lennane

08.08.16  71 Years On, we’re still dodging bullets while Australia leads the charge to promote nuclear weapons New Matilda – Sue Wareham

23.06.16  Protest at Australian Government ‘weasel’ act on nuclear bomb ban Green Left Weekly – Jim McIlroy

17.06.16  Australia faces a stark choice in the growing movement for a global nuclear weapons treaty Lowy Interpreter – Tim Wright

27.05.16  Comment: Hope and hype of Hiroshima can’t conceal Obama’s dismal record on nuclear disarmament The Guardian – Tim Wright

06.08.15  Ban the bomb: 70 years on, the nuclear threat looms as large as ever New Internationalist – Tilman Ruff

05.08.15  Comment: Seventy years after Hiroshima momentum is building to ban nuclear weapons The Sydney Morning Herald – Sue Wareham

09.12.14. Nuclear weapons: survivors aspire for a nuke free world Global Perspectives – Neena Bhandari

26.09.14  A day to demand that the world wake up and avert nuclear doom The Conversation – Tilman Ruff and Richard Tanter

25.07.13  Stumbling in the dark, reaching for the light Right Now – Tilman Ruff


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